12 August 2006

My Kidlet

Well the kidlet is back home and I can't express well enough how glad I am to have her here. The summer apart was good for both of us. We both appreciate each other more right now. And she's learned a few things as well. She a little more mature. A little wiser. She has learned that I do need her, and that means helping out around the house. This used to be a fighting issue, but now she does it without complaint. She takes pride is her weight loss, her cool new clothes, and the personal rewards of taking care of her things. I don't know if it will last, I certainly hope so. But for now, it puts a big smile on my face to see her feeling good about herself and her family. She's excited about the new baby (and secretly hoping for a little sis), and seeing her friends again. She starts 7th grade in a few weeks, and my little girl is growing up. And for today, I loving the hugs.

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Kassi said...

I'm looking forward to when Zac and Abby return...2 weeks still left to go.

I love how they grow up and eventually turn out just fine. It's so strange.

I was really impressed with your Kidlet when she was watching Tooter. She will make an excellent big sister.

Word of advice (because I was EXACTLY where Kidlet stood when my first brother was born...always include her and always remember that she was your firstborn, therefore very precious)...sometimes we get caught up in the newness of a situation that we forget the good things about the old stuff as well.

Love and blessings to you all...