29 February 2008

My Big Boy!

Last week my little Bug turned ONE Year Old! He's so awesome. I mean, really. He's just a very sweet, snuggly, happy baby. He' continually makes me laugh.

We had a little birthday party for him with friends & family, which was simply delightful. I think he had fun, even if he didn't really know what all was going on. I can't wait to see what sort of little gentleman he'll turn into. Right now, he's quite the flirt!

25 February 2008


At my doctor's appointment on Friday I was told they will double check in a month, but right now all indication is that...

18 February 2008

We all do Stupid things in the Winter, right?

In a fit of "I'm sick of being sick" I went & had my hairs chopped yesterday. Literally, chopped. It's a short, choppy mess that I'm totally hating with all passion today. It was supposed to be cute & funky. Instead it makes me look old & crazy.

I wonder if I can hide in the house for the next 3 months?

14 February 2008

Lapsing into Insanity

Ok, I know I've been terrible at updating. Truth is, I haven't had time. Honestly. When I'm not working I'm with the baby or sleeping. I'm exhausted 24/7. It doesn't help that right now I'm beyond horrifically sick. I shipped the baby off to the grandparents, hubby off to work & kidlet off to school thinking I could sleep all day. Yeah...right. If only I didn't wake up from my nap feeling worse than before. Pain, nausea, body wracking cough, fever...yeah, I'm a pretty sight today, let me tell ya.

What else has been happening?

We went to see "The Lion King" last week (thank you to the in-laws for the amazing Christmas gift!) It was beyond amazing. I really didn't expect to like it that much, I always thought I just wouldn't buy into the costumes & that they would be distracting. Boy was I pleasantly wrong! The technicality of those costumes was the result of a costume genius (Julie Taymor...who I had already appreciated from her movies like "Titus", which I still contend is one of the best films ever). And the quality of the performances was divine. Some of the strongest voices I've EVER heard.

My other happy news is that kidlet will officially be attending the high school she desperately wanted to get into next year. (St. Catherine's) Of everyone who applied, she had one of the top test scores, earning her all sorts of scholarships (thank God! Prayers ARE answered!) I'm very happy & proud of her.

Ok...there's as much update as I can muster today. My hands hurt now (yes, I'm THAT sick). I'll try to get better & be better about staying in touch.
OH! and Happy Valentine's Day!