28 September 2005

The funniest book I’ve ever read. In my opinion, possibly the funniest book ever written. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett co-wrote this brilliant novel "based on the prophesies of Agnus Nutter, witch". The antichrist is just a regular British schoolboy, with a dog named (appropriately) Dog...hardly a hound from hell. The angel would want to be my friend because of his gayness and penchant for art and literature. The demon and I would be drinking buddies, we have similar driving skills, though all of his music has a penchant to turn into Queen’s Greatest Hits.
I feel happy every time I read this book...why? Because it’s hilarious. Go ahead...read it...I dare you...and I dare you to NOT laugh. I don’t believe it can be done.
Kim Rife (nee’Weber) first introduced me to this book. It was purchased. Lost. Purchased again. Stolen. Purchased again. Loaned out and never returned. Purchased again in London. Loaned again, never to be returned. And finally purchased one more time in Toronto. What would ever make me re-buy the same book over and over? Uh...the 4 motorcyclists of the Apocolypse, I guess. But I can’t feel bad in knowing that the book was taken from me over and over, because others found it just so damn good too. I don’t know just how many times I’ve read that book in the past 12 years or so, but a hell of a lot.
It’s hilarious...read it...before the end of the world...next Friday and noon.

Right now I'm struggling with the need for alone time.
I'm feeling the need for a few hours, maybe an afternoon, to just walk around a store by myself, looking at things I'd rather have than money. To simply be away from home and family, and all the responsibilites that go with it. To be away from the wedding plans. To not have to take any calls from anyone. To just be me. Alone. To possibly indulge myself without guilt for an hour or two.

Not that I don't love my family, because I do. And I love time with them. I just need a momentary break.

16 September 2005


What are your favorite childhood memories?
Tossing Barbie doll parts into the lake & then diving for them.

What was your first real memory?
My first steps. Seriously. I remember walking across the room to get the big red ball my sister Kathy had put on the chair.

Did your family have any special or unusual traditions?
Eating stollen (from Frankenmuth specifically) on Christmas morning.

What were your favorite subjects in school?
English, Theatre, Humanities, Creative Writing

What was your favorite grade in school?
Hmm...I recall 3rd being pretty awesome, and 10th . College wasn’t too awful either.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Initially an actress, then a teacher, then a veterinarian, finally I wanted to be a writer - a music journalist is what I went to college for. I’ve made my living most of my life in the theatre...funny, no?

Did you have any pets as a child?
Oh yes...a parakeet named Snoopy (who lived 17 years!), and lots of dogs: Suzette, Freckles, Schnapps, TieTac, and Holli. I’ve loved them all a lot, and want a dog desperately!

Did your family ever go on any memorable vacations?
Rome, Italy was the most memorable.

Did your family have any struggles as you were growing up?
Not that I was ever aware of.

Were your parents demonstrably affectionate with you or one another?
Always. I expect a lot because of the romance between my parents.

Did you like yourself as a child?
Pretty much, yeah...I didn’t have a reason not to.

Did you have a pet name or nickname?

What things made you laugh?
Lots of things...mostly my friends

What things scare you?
Loneliness, Clowns (they’re evil, pure & simple).

How did you get along with your brothers and sisters?
Ok, I guess. I’ve never been close to any of them to be honestly. They are all much older than I am

How did you get in trouble?
I never got in trouble, I was the perfect child. (Ok, it was usually for talking too much in class...go figure.)

How were you disciplined?
Guilt. Big ol’ Catholic guilt.

Who were your best friends? What is your relationship with them like today?
Margie Schmidt. I have no idea where she is today. I wish I knew.
Douglas Burtrum. Likewise, I’d love to get in touch with him. Let I knew he was out East working in the medical field. If anyone knows, let me know!

When was the first time you understood what it meant to die?
Despite spending a lot of time at funeral homes during my youth, I’m going to say I don’t think I ever comprehended the depth of death until my friend, Boyd Brown died.

What parts of your childhood would you like to go back and relive?
That carefree time of riding my bike on the trails through the woods during the fall

What do you remember about your first day of junior high/middle school?
Not exactly, it was the middle of 6th grade when we moved and I was thrown into junior high. I was already ahead in school, so it wasn’t scary.

Who was your first crush? What qualities attracted you to him/her?
I think it was Scott somebody. I still have a Valentine he made me. He was cute, and the nicest boy in the third grade.

What did you do on dates?
Usually movies, walking in the park, out to dinner, etc.

Who educated you about sex?
Friends mostly.

Did you like yourself as a teenager?
For the most part, yes.

What were your goals for the future?
To move to England, be a music journalist and marry Simon le Bon, of course!

How did being a young adult change your relationships with your parents?
I think they respected me more, and I definately respected them more.

Did you ever experiment with drugs or alcohol?
No. Never with drugs, and alcohol not until college

Did you have after school jobs?
In high school I worked for Stride Rite. In college, medical transcription.

Did you have enough money?
Yep. Mom & Dad were always generous.

What kinds of groups did you belong to in high school?
Theatre, Newspaper

What would you say were your greatest accomplishments in high school?
I was the only person to ever be an editor of the newspaper all 4 years of school.

In high school what were your greatest failures?
Math. I’m still bad at it.

What were your favorite books growing up? Movies?
Christy. Little House books. The Wizard of Oz. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Willy Wonka

What was the last book you read?
"The Fyre Mirror" by Karen Harper. It’s an Elizabethan mystery that takes place at the home of Lady Lumley (heh, heh, heh)

Compare yourself now to yourself as a teenager.
I was more outrageous...a punk...I think I care more about people now.

What are your job goals for the future?
Continue working where I am, but start my event planning business too.

Where would you like to live ?
I like our new house, though I’d always be up for a place on the lake...or in England!

What are your current political affiliations?
None. I refuse to be affiliated with politics if I can help it.

What is your relationship with your parents like now?
I love them dearly. I miss them both.

Would you like to have children in the future? If so, what number would you consider ideal?
Though I already have one daughter, I would like at least one more. Paul would like 2.

What do you consider to be your natural talents?
Writing. Talking w/people. Public speaking.

How would your friends answer that question about you?
I think they would say the same.

Would you say that you are mainly an extrovert or introvert?

Are you a "morning person" or a "night person?"
Oh, such a night person, despite the schedule I keep.

Describe your daily schedule.
5:30am Paul’s alarm goes off & wakes me up. I attempt to return to sleep.
6:30am Paul kisses me goodbye & wakes me up. I attempt to return to sleep.
7:00am My alarm goes off. Get up, get ready for the day.
8:00am Leave the house, take Kaitlyn to school, head to work.
8:30am - 4:30pm Work
4:30pm Go home, start dinner, enjoy the evening.

What one thing would you like to experience before you die?
More world travel

What is one place you’ve never traveled to that you would like to see?

How do you feel about aging?
Other than gaining wisdom, I can’t say I’m too fond of it. I will not go gently into old age. I will dye my hairs as long as possible. I will pay for microdermabrasion. I will bathe in the blood of virgins to stay young & beautiful forever!

What is your perspective on death? Life after death?
Death brings sorrow. But I know there is life after death. That there is a Heaven. I know there is a place with no pain but happiness. I know my father is there now.

08 September 2005


And so the countdown to my wedding begins.
2 months.
Many small details to attend to, many small things I could overly stress about, and at moments, do. But I'm trying hard not to.
I had glass goblets blown for Paul and I (Girl Glass, the most amazing glassblowers on the planet, to be sure) so you can imagine my disappointment when they turned out completely awful! The opposite extreme of what I ordered. I'm so disappointed. I can only hope they will actually remake them. *sigh*

I'm hoping everyone comes to the wedding.
My showers are soon.
I'm excited.