27 January 2006


Ok, so according to Fit Pregnancy magazine, Milwaukee ranks #17 of the Best Places to Have a Baby. Apparently there are less C-sections, lower hospital costs, more parks & public walking spaces, and lots of childcare options. The downside seems to be little to no tax advantages, fewer mothers choose to breastfeed here, and the climate is extreme. Hmmm...so if we breastfeed longer, and had better weather, it would be a better city to have a baby? What about the actual raising of the child? Maybe that's what should really be taken into consideration.

26 January 2006


Ok, so I was tagged...and since I can't rest thanks to aforementioned pounding, I figured, what the hell...

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Company Manager - MRF
2. Marketing/Entertainment Asst. Director - BRF
3. Marketing Assistant - Rockwell
4. Reporter - Fenton news

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. Pride & Prejudice
2. Love Actually
3. Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
4. Lady Jane

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Flint, MI
2. Adrian, MI
3. London, England
4. Racine, WI

Four TV Shows I Love
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Project Runway
3. Starting Over
4. Will & Grace

Four Places Where I've Vacationed
1. England
2. Florida
3. Minnesota
4. Illinois

Four Favorite Dishes
1. Shrimp Scampi
2. BBQ ribs
3. Chicken Marsala
4. Szechuan Chicken

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. Kassi's blog
2. Yahoo news
3. Free FM
4. random searches

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
1. London
2. Chicago
3. Germany
4. with friends

I'm learning to hate roofers. No one person in particular, and I know they are doing their job, but why does it seem their work can be quite quiet until the moment I have a headache and try to lie down. That's the moment they choose to work directly outside my bedroom window, hammering, pounding, and yelling to each other. *sigh* The headache grows worse.

On top of that, during their work yesterday, which should have consisted of taking down & replacing the soffets & gutters, they tore down part of our porch! Seriously, they destroyed and removed the entire unside roof of our 1917 porch!!! I was furious! The owner of the company's response? "Oops." Oops!!!! You must be kidding me!!!!
Not happy today.

25 January 2006


The roofers are back.
This means another day of hammering, banging, pounding and other random loud noises that generally interrupt one's otherwise quiet day. I find it highly disturbing to see men outside your upstairs windows.

They first were here for two weeks at the beginning of December, replacing the entire roof. All that while I was deathly ill and needing sleep. They left the place dirty with a mess all around the yard (leaving me praying for snow just to cover it all up). Now they are (finally) back to replace the gutters and soffets. *sigh* In the spring the house will be repainted. I know I should be happy about that but, quite honestly, it just seems like a headache. Oh well..my house will be lovely.

On an unrelated note, the interview went well. They won't tell me for another week or so if I got the job (which I desperately hope for), but I'm very confident that I gave a good interview, answered their questions in an educated manner not simply an opinionated one, and felt confident. For now...we wait.

I also picked up my new text book "Professional Meeting Management" for the Meeting & Convention Event Planning class I'm taking this semester at
MATC. I'm taking the course online, rather than going to the campus, so as to have more time with the rest of life. I've never done that before and feel slightly fearful of it. I'll let ya know how it goes.

24 January 2006


Today I have a second interview for the job I desperately want. The position would be coordinating, marketing, etc. senior tours as well as creating & running various special events/parties throughout the year. It is only everything I want...everything I'm good at. I feel if I don't get the job, then I'm not as good as I believe myself to be. If I do get the job...when I get the job...I'm going to be elated! I've put my prayers, and lots of good energy out into the world, I can only hope, pray a little more, and put my best, most confident self forward today.
It doesn't take away the nerves though.

20 January 2006

Paul and I at Castell Coch in Wales. This is one of our favourite castles. Posted by Picasa

19 January 2006


These are my happy thoughts/moments this week:
1. I'm finally getting the photos of my wedding into a special album & sending it off to my mom.
2. I can *finally* listen to my favourite Detroit radio program "Dominski & Doyle" (97.1fm WKRK) each and every day thanks to the internet! I've tried for 3 years, and at long last they have the broadcast live online. This makes me smile...they crack me up!
3. My husband left me the sweetest love letter under my pillow the other morning...written on parchment, in calligraphy. *sigh...my own Mr. Darcy*
4. Tomorrow is my daughter's 12th birthday party...5 pre-teen girls slumber party-ing at our house & a night of ice skating. It reminds me of my own junior high days. (Hubby & I plan to hang out in our room with Scrabble & movies on the portable DVD.)
5. I sent a birthday card to an old friend. She may not be thrilled to get it...we haven't talked in a very long time...but I want her birthday to be delightful, nonetheless, and so I will send her happiness with no strings attached.

15 January 2006


Things are good. Or at least getting good. My daughter is really blossoming into her own person, and despite the occasional ups and downs typical of a "tween", she's a good kid. She has a few really great friends whom I approve of entirely, and she's learning to be more concientious of people other than herself. (A mighty task with kids!) My husband and I were having a few "growing pains" of our own, trying to find a balance of spending lots of time together and still maintaining some of that necessary personal time. I think we've realized that alot of communication & respect are all anyone needs to sort it all out. No matter what the problem. And we're both feeling some pressure and a little bit of fear in regards to trying to get pregnant. The reality is I'm not getting any younger, and we don't want to put me (or the baby) in any more risk than there naturally is. But I'm feeling some fear in the reality that in 6 years I could be an "empty nester", and instead I'm contemplating diapers & bottles. He's facing the fear of first time parenting, sleepless nights, and financial strain. It's all justified, but it's that giant elephant standing in the doorway right now. At least I feel good knowing we'll be in it together when it happens...all 3 of us. (I guess that would technically be 4, wouldn't it??)

11 January 2006

Our Wedding Party Posted by Picasa

Since I've finally figured out how to post photos on here, I decided I'd honour everyone who was in our wedding party by posting their loveliness for the world to see. I love you all!

09 January 2006


Why is it when we are forced, due to their behaviour, punish our children, we -- the loving parent-- are forced to feel like we are so mean? We only want them to learn, to do as they are told, to respect their possessions...our possessions...themselves...us. So, why then, do I feel so guilty? Feel like I've handled it all wrong? I've tried reasoning, I've tried giving examples, I've tried taking favourite things away. What works??

And I'm sick of the words, "I'm sorry" from people, without anything to back it up.

03 January 2006

The Dull Road to Recovery

I'm finally getting better, things are back to a semblence of order...Paul has returned to work, Kaitlyn has returned to school, and I have the house to myself without feeling like death. And I'm bored out of my skull!!!

I admit I've spend a great portion of the day reading "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants"...Kaitlyn received the trilogy for her birthday, with the knowledge that mom had to read it first to determine if she really is old enough to read it yet. (Thus far I think another year or two would be more appropriate.) And I applied online to a couple of jobs. And I straightened up the living room.

But I'm bored. I miss having them around.

My car is slowly dying. $1600 is the current estimate for engine replacement...its own kidney problems, I guess. If only you could just take it in and have it healed. Unfortunately I'm afraid it is going to have to be laid to rest and a new one purchased. Not good, since both Paul & I have our current vehicles paid off...we didn't really want a car payment right now. *sigh* So I'm looking for good used ones as well. And the Kia special at the dealership.
Ah, if only we had good public transportation.