15 January 2006


Things are good. Or at least getting good. My daughter is really blossoming into her own person, and despite the occasional ups and downs typical of a "tween", she's a good kid. She has a few really great friends whom I approve of entirely, and she's learning to be more concientious of people other than herself. (A mighty task with kids!) My husband and I were having a few "growing pains" of our own, trying to find a balance of spending lots of time together and still maintaining some of that necessary personal time. I think we've realized that alot of communication & respect are all anyone needs to sort it all out. No matter what the problem. And we're both feeling some pressure and a little bit of fear in regards to trying to get pregnant. The reality is I'm not getting any younger, and we don't want to put me (or the baby) in any more risk than there naturally is. But I'm feeling some fear in the reality that in 6 years I could be an "empty nester", and instead I'm contemplating diapers & bottles. He's facing the fear of first time parenting, sleepless nights, and financial strain. It's all justified, but it's that giant elephant standing in the doorway right now. At least I feel good knowing we'll be in it together when it happens...all 3 of us. (I guess that would technically be 4, wouldn't it??)

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Anonymous said...

Technically, it could be 5! (Twins!!) Or even 6 (triplets)!

Imagine the possibilities!!

I'm all a-twitter!

Miss You, too!!!!!!!!