25 January 2006


The roofers are back.
This means another day of hammering, banging, pounding and other random loud noises that generally interrupt one's otherwise quiet day. I find it highly disturbing to see men outside your upstairs windows.

They first were here for two weeks at the beginning of December, replacing the entire roof. All that while I was deathly ill and needing sleep. They left the place dirty with a mess all around the yard (leaving me praying for snow just to cover it all up). Now they are (finally) back to replace the gutters and soffets. *sigh* In the spring the house will be repainted. I know I should be happy about that but, quite honestly, it just seems like a headache. Oh well..my house will be lovely.

On an unrelated note, the interview went well. They won't tell me for another week or so if I got the job (which I desperately hope for), but I'm very confident that I gave a good interview, answered their questions in an educated manner not simply an opinionated one, and felt confident. For now...we wait.

I also picked up my new text book "Professional Meeting Management" for the Meeting & Convention Event Planning class I'm taking this semester at
MATC. I'm taking the course online, rather than going to the campus, so as to have more time with the rest of life. I've never done that before and feel slightly fearful of it. I'll let ya know how it goes.

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