28 May 2009

Sorry about the Delay

...but I'm sick. Very sick. Icky, hacky coughy, snotty, body achey sick.
I haven't the energy to make the time to attempt something clever & witty or profound.

When I'm lying in my sickness I have been trying to think about where to take a good family roadtrip this August. I'd be eternally grateful for any suggestions. The requirements are: we must be able to drive there from Wisconsin, we will be travelling with 2 toddlers & one teenagers, and we love historical sites.

Please inspire me to get out of my fevered blandness. Thanks.

20 May 2009

The End of the Line

Seven-tenths of the world is ocean and the people of the world is quickly depleating the oceans of its wildlife. We must put an end to the mass fishing of non-sustainable fish, and use non-regulated fishing practices that kills other marine animals like turtles, sharks, and even seabirds. Never mind the illegal fishing that profit from over $9 billion/year. The United States & Britain, among other nations, have seen an increase in the "Green movement" and yet people tend to overlook that taking care of the planet includes the oceans & seas. We forget that these waters are also our to maintain, protect, and sustain.
By eating only sustainable seafood. (You can find what qualifies in that handy widget below.)
By helping politicians understand there needs to be protected areas where fishing is illegal.
By getting the word out! There is a great new book & film "The End of the Line" that will tell you more.

18 May 2009

The Kidlet Goes to her 1st Prom

My lovely daughter is 15 & a freshman at St. Catherine's High School. I can't believe she is growning up so quickly! This weekend was went to Prom (with a senior, no less!) and her best friend, Jazz, was set up with another senior boy. (She lives in another town, so this was REALLY a treat for the two of them to be able to go together! It probably won't happen when they are seniors, after all!) My little girls...so grown up!

Now, Prom is always a big deal, but here in Racine it is an even bigger deal. You see, ALL of the high schools have prom on the same night. The kids go to dinner (mine went to Shogun, the Japanese restaurant in town), then to their respective schools (most for the crowing of the Prom Kings & Queens), and then at a set time, each school arrives down at the Lake Michigan-front convention center for the Post-Prom (which really is the main event).

There are camera crews filming it all (so we can sit at home & watch them live!), news crews, it was even hosted this year by some VH1 celebrity! There are bleachers set up for people who want to see it up close & personal & cheer all the kids. And the kids typically try to out do each other with the sort of vehicle they arrive in. In the past there have been army tanks, vintage firetrucks, even an elephant! This year there were alot of Hummer stretch limos, various kinds of buses, and even a yacht! (My kids took a 'traditional' limo.) My personal favourite this year, however, was the couple who came in the Stormtrooper SUV -- driven by a stormtrooper, with 2 more hanging off the sides, AND Darth Vader walking in front! Brilliant! Inside the Post Prom they had 3 different DJs for dancing, an inflatable labryinth, American Gladiator-style "jousting", Guitar Hero on giant wall TVs, karaoke, and more!

Then they spent Sunday together at Gurnee Mills mall, where they could eat at Rainforest Cafe', play lazer tag, ice skate, etc. She's growing up but what a great weekend!

15 May 2009

Growing Up

This seems to be the week for my children to move onto a new stage in their lives all at once.

Little Miss not only learned to crawl forward last week, but this week she quickly moved onto pulling herself up on the furniture. AND she said her first word. Papa. She says it anytime my hubby walks into the room. (Yes, the kids call their rather papa rather than daddy. It was something he wanted, even though it 'traditionally' is used for grandfathers.)

Bug has been adding more & more words to his vocabulary every day, but his big development was the moved to a Big Boy Bed. No more crib for him! We transititioned it, and so far he hasn't gotten out of it even once!

Kidlet has Prom tomorrow. Yes, as a freshman she was asked by a senior friend to go with him. As it turned out, another friend didn't have a date, so she set him up with her best friend, Jazz (who lives in another town, actually) so both of the girls are going! It's been exciting doing all the prep with her, and I know she is going to look beautiful tomorrow as she leaves in the limosine with 5 of her friends to the "event of the year". (Which, in our city is REALLY the event...they even made a movie about Racine's Prom!)

And so they grow. And yet, I am the one who feels each step of their aging.

14 May 2009

Tip o'the Day

Don't my eyebrows look fabulous?

Kidlet & I had our eyebrows cleaned up at this place at the mall via Brow Threading. What is brow threading? You can learn more here, but basically the lady takes length of string & plucks your brows. It does sting a big, but no more than plucking or waxing. And it's quick (about 5 minutes), inexpensive ($10), and our brows look positively fantastic!

If only the rest of me could be made to look that great that fast...sigh.

Here are a few random shots I took of all the gorgeous flowers in bloom around our house. Keep in mind, Dutch hubby o' mine wants fields of tulips, but so far these are some of what we have. I keep hoping for a wall of lilacs, myself.

12 May 2009

I'm a better mom now

For Mother's Day my husband talked to my friend, Misty's husband, and the two of them sent the two of us away overnight on Saturday to the charming Victorian Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast. We were pampered in our room, appropriate named "Serenity Cove". The two twin,canopied beds with feather beds on top, made us feel extra girly & cozy. We had cocktails, gave ourselves facials, Satin Hands and feet. No distrupted sleep. No crying babies. No diapers. No argumentative teen. Just quiet & girl talk. Sunday we were treated to the b&b owner's specialty "Creme Brulee' French Toast"...complete with candlelight...in the lovely dining room. But we had to go, so we headed to an antique mall (well, it had 5 giant malls in it. We didn't make it to all of them!) We then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Long Grove, IL, a charming old-fashioned looking town with lots of modern shopping. I came home with a new glass bead bracelet, a bottle of Chocolate wine (yes, you read correctly. It's chocolate & red wine...and positively delicious!), and some of my favourite British treats (Yorkie bars, bridies, HP, cury chip sauce, etc.)
My husband earned BIG brownie points. He listened.

09 May 2009

Elizabethan Gardens - Dudley Did Right

Robert Dudley,Earl of Leicester created a garden at Kenilworth in one of his many attempts to woo Queen Elizabeth I. They have now been able to recreate the garden, fountains & statuary to EXACT replicas. It's really pretty amazing, and needless to say, I desperately want to wander the gardens in my Elizabethan clothing with a gaggle of friends!

08 May 2009

The wave subsides

Well, my anger has subsided, and I am actually grateful that my husband, though a brat many times, does actually listen. I'm being treated to a delightful Mother's Day gift (which I cannot reveal just yet)!

Now, if only the teenager would listen so well.

06 May 2009

Boys are Dumb

Today I'm angry. I know, it seems to be my constant state this week. My anger today is directed at my eldest daughter who is failing a class. This is the girl who won scholarships based on having the highest scores of everyone in her class. She has all As in every other class. But she doesn't care about math & therefore is failing Geometry. I want to actually ring her lying, mouthy neck. I'm so freakin' fed up!
The other source of my anger today is my husband. The selfish man whom I married. Why oh why are ALL of them are selfish little boys who put themselves first? Why dont' they get that we moms & wives sacrifices ourselves constantly & they just do whatever they want, whetheror not it means WE get sleep, credit, stay healthy or have a braincell of any use left in our stressed out heads?
I hate them all today.

04 May 2009

Bottom of the Barrel

Well, it's happened. My employers have cut my hours back to 10 per week. I'm so upset! My family can't afford for me to bring in that little amount. It's infuriating.
On the job hunt.

01 May 2009

Those Old Crazy Days

I'm heading down to Chicago in about an hour to spend the day with a dear old friend who now lives in NYC and whom I haven't tseen in years. We used to perform together at the Michigan Renaissance Festival ("back in the day") and had some wonderful crazy times together. Sarah is the sort of person who could seriously intimidate if she really wanted to...she has piercings & tattoos all over and doesn't take crap from anyone. But, in reality, she is one of the sweetest, kindest people you'd ever want as a friend. She used to take the Kidlet to the Detroit Zoo when she was little, after all. But now she lived in NYC, works on the set of "Ugly Betty", and we haven't hung out in years. I worry that I'm going to come across as dull. That in the years of motherhood & wifedom I've become boring (something I've lamented about myself recently). I don't feel I've gotten old (though the Big 4-0 has recently become a reality) but rather, just much, much, much less talkative, fun & generally interesting...especially to my NYC, celebrity elbow-rubbing friend.