15 May 2009

Growing Up

This seems to be the week for my children to move onto a new stage in their lives all at once.

Little Miss not only learned to crawl forward last week, but this week she quickly moved onto pulling herself up on the furniture. AND she said her first word. Papa. She says it anytime my hubby walks into the room. (Yes, the kids call their rather papa rather than daddy. It was something he wanted, even though it 'traditionally' is used for grandfathers.)

Bug has been adding more & more words to his vocabulary every day, but his big development was the moved to a Big Boy Bed. No more crib for him! We transititioned it, and so far he hasn't gotten out of it even once!

Kidlet has Prom tomorrow. Yes, as a freshman she was asked by a senior friend to go with him. As it turned out, another friend didn't have a date, so she set him up with her best friend, Jazz (who lives in another town, actually) so both of the girls are going! It's been exciting doing all the prep with her, and I know she is going to look beautiful tomorrow as she leaves in the limosine with 5 of her friends to the "event of the year". (Which, in our city is REALLY the event...they even made a movie about Racine's Prom!)

And so they grow. And yet, I am the one who feels each step of their aging.


Ann On and On... said...

You are a very busy lady!!! Have fun with your daughter tomorrow.

Glad to see I have another new SITSer. :D Welcome!

I am hosting a super yummy giveaway...come on over and see for yourself. :)

*You're right threading is fabulous.

Kanga said...

Ooh, Sebastian's in a big boy bed? Do tell how you transitioned him. I am afraid to move Cameron out of the crib, lol ... he gets into everything! So far, the crib is the only thing he hasn't managed to escape! *grin*

I can't imagine sending my freshman off to Prom ... but I can't wait to see your girl's pictures! {{{{hugs}}}}

Rhea said...

Awww, sounds like they are all growing well! Fun about the prom.

I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been with it since the beginning, and it's been an amazing community of female bloggers. I've met some incredible women and read so many fun blogs. Glad to have you on board, SITSta!

AP said...

oh, the joys and pains!! what a fun and awesome journey!!
welcome to SITS