18 September 2010


Lately all I've been feeling is loneliness.
None of my friends call.
None of my friends include me.
None of my friends (at least the ones that live within 3 hours of me) are spontaneous or ever want to just "hang out".
I don't remember the last "girl's day" I had with a friend...that just hanging out at the mall, having lunch, shopping for nothing.

A group of people were going to the Michigan RenFest this weekend. I wasn't even a thought.
I feel like a social outcast. Me, the one who always had endless friends around. Me, the one who always had people over. Me, who is ridiculously social, has no one to be social with.

I hate being alone.
I just keep fighting the tears as I read Facebook & see life happening all around me, and I'm so not a part of it.
I hate this.