17 November 2010

Grey and overcast

My life is very much like the weather lately. I have little to be happy or sunshiney about. I know I should have posted a Happy 5 year anniversary post about marriage & my husband, but I neither had the time or inclination.

I'm NOT happy, especially with him right now. I'm tired. I'm bored. I'm boring. I'm lonely. And feeling like he couldn't care less about me.

He thinks by sitting on the couch & watching a show, that's romance. He thinks by paying bills he's showing me he loves me. He believes kissing is foreplay. He doesn't get it. Or me anymore.

We used to have a bubble around us, where the whole world could fall away. We could laugh & talk about anything. Now, nothing...and no effort.

I hate living in a world of cold & grey.
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04 November 2010

I'll wave a rainbow flag if I must...

This article is amazing.
I've often said, my son may be gay. Or bi. Or not.
I don't care.
He's amazing & I'll love him. Always.
And he should be able to marry whomever he chooses. Male or Female.