21 August 2008

Another week

So, I'm finally updating the last post that was left incomplete due to unexplained circumstances. Aliens. I blame them.
This week included time at the park with a picnic dinner. A day at Bristol Renaissance Faire performing & causing general Elizabethan Catholic chaos that I enjoy oh-so-much! (I can't help it, after all these years the dirt is firmly engrained in my blood & therefore I MUST perform when I can. Hubby couldn't care less about it anymore but kidlet & I have oh-s0-many years on him that our faire dirt black lungs won't let us stay away.) Tonight he & a friend are off to see the new Star Wars Clone Wars flick. Geeks, but I love 'em. Kidlet had her high school freshman picnic yesterday & enjoyed it. She starts next Wednesday. I can't believe it.
And this week I was asked to head up the planning of my high school class reunion. I refuse to admit what year it will be, but I now have 3 years to plan a spectacular bash & get myself looking more young & beautiful than I was in the '80s. I'm feeling a bit daunted by it, but really excited at the same time. And you KNOW I have to make it the party everyone is left talking about! (Wish me luck & send suggestions, ok?)

14 August 2008

Livin' on caffeine...new & improved with Updates!

This week my in-laws have been off vacationing & hopefully having a great time...they are essentially taking a tour around Lake Michigan, up to Mackinac Island and eventually taking the high speed ferry back from Grand Rapids to Milwaukee. (Color me jealous) But having them away has meant having to figure out juggling work & babies. Thank God for my older kidlet who has babysat The Bug, while I've taken the Little Lady to work with me. Yeah...believe me its freakin' hard to get work done with a baby who just wants to be held, fed, changed,etc. I am appreciating my in-laws more & more every day and anxious for them to come back so I can actually get work done at work.

However, I've tried to squeeze in some fun along the way. Last weekend we went to one of the parks, picnicked & played at the playground. We went to see the Sand Castles competition at the beachfront, too. (Not alot of competitors, but fun to see nonetheless.) On Monday I took the little ones to the Racine Zoo. The lions & merkats were definately our favourites. (I forgot my camera AND my cell phone, so no photos this time.) No...we weren't eaten by bears, or tigers, or anything equally entertaining. Sorry.

07 August 2008

Boys are Dumb

Yesterday I had to experience something new, and I'm not pleased about it.

When you go through a break up its painful & you can yell & scream. When a friend goes through a break up you feel their pain & let them yell & scream and offer some jokes & gin. But when your 14-year-old daughter has to experience her first break up you want to hold her tight and keep her from growing up anymore so she never has to experience it ever again.

Her "perfect" boyfriend (I say that because up until now I thought he was, and always said I couldn't have handpicked a better boyfriend for her) broke up with her...and in typical dumb boy timing...2 days before their one year anniversary of dating. (At least now she doesn't have to get him a gift, right?) Now, you must understand that only the day before he was saying how he was going to take her out to dinner & a movie. (GRRRR, says mama lion protecting her cub.) He wants to stay friends, and amazingly so does she. So why do I want her to yell & scream & make HIM feel bad? (Personally I think her best revenge is making everyone like her at school and do really great in all her classes so everyone talks about her and he realizes he dumped a great girl. )

So I did what a mama could do and declared "Girls Night!" and made Paul stay home with the little ones while I took the kidlet out to see "Mama Mia!" (the perfect mother-daughter movie, by the by...wonderful & hilarious & you can't help but sing along) and then out for extra large ice cream treats. I think she felt better by the end of the night.

I just hate that some boy hurt my baby, ya know? Boys are dumb.