24 December 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Snow. Lots of snow. Lots & lots of snow. Am I complaining? No! I love the snow. I really do. (Now the bitter below zero temperatures and ice, you can keep that, thank you.) I choose to live in the midwest because I DO like winter. Or at least snow. And we will definately have a white Christmas!

I hope everyone has a VERY Happy Christmas! Stockings full & tree a glow with twinkle lights, warm drinks (with extra "warm") or egg nog (none of this "eggless nogless" crap, the good stuff!), and happiness. I wish more than anything for my friends, happiness. I love you all!

23 December 2008

My baby...a young lady

How did this happen? My little girl turned 15 yesterday. It seems that only a moment ago she was my little girl with the long, long hair. Now, she's a young lady. It make me sad. Sad that I can't cuddle her like I once could. Sad that I don't "play" with her like I once could. Sad that in another blink she'll be off to college, and then a life of her own. And I'll miss her. And I'll forget all the fights & mouthiness. I'll miss the hugs that I am guilty of occassionally shrug off because I'm too busy. And my baby will be grown & I'll instead wonder when I'll see her again. I guess I'd better cherish these next few years before she's flown the coop onto her own life. At least for now I can be content to know she loved her Batman cake.

05 December 2008

Little Steps

So, obviously I was able to get my photo back up there...but now I can't figure out how to move the text! *sigh* If you have Blogger, you can check out that they now have all these groovy, supposedly "easy" ways to tweek your blog. Cool. And the widgets ARE easy. It's just they don't just simply let you align things. *again, sigh*

I had a cookie party planned for this weekend. One person RSVP'd. (Why, oh why don't people today seem to understand basic etiquette??) And then after I cancelled it, 6 people emailed me all sad that I had done so. Then why didn't you say you were coming before people?!?!?! So, now its back on. Slightly less formal then before & me waaaaaaay less prepared. I know, I know, I could have just left it cancelled, but I really wanted an excuse to see people. I love my family, but I find it necessary to have contact with other humans now & again.

You know what else bothers me today? The fact that I like to randomly search for photos to use...ok...steal...to put on my blog sometimes. Whenever I do an image seach these days the ONLY ones that come up are on flicker. I don't like flicker. I avoid using flicker. And it makes me feel like I really AM stealing the photos because they aren't just on some random website. It's not like I credit them as my own...I'm not THAT stupid. And I think the few of you who do stop by here know which ones I've actually taken. Or maybe I just blew my cover? Damn.

On yet another random note, because I am feeling rather random right now, I discovered this morning that no matter how much 'better" for you skim milk is, it makes your Vanilla Cappicino taste watered down & unsatisfying.

I guess that's how I'm feeling right now...watered down & unsatisfied. *sigh*

04 December 2008

Grrrr....BIG White GRRRRRR.....

Ok, so I was getting this notice that I could now add things to my blog. Cool. (You'll see a few off to the left there.) However, you'll also notice that stupid Blogger went & killed all the special added things from my blog (like my main picture, which I loved). Now I'm forced to have to take the time to refigure out how to do the HTML to add it again. (If anyone can just tell me so I don't have to research that, I'd be eternally grateful!)
Stupid technology.

On a more personal note, we have snow. Not as much snow as other parts of Wisconsin, but snow. (It seems that being on the shores of Lake Michigan mean we stay warmer in the winter than other areas, and don't get the lake effect snow Michigan gets. Hmmmm...its still only 12 degree today, I might add. Yeah, warmer...sure....)

Things are good. I have much of my Christmas shopping complete, with only a little left to do after my next paycheck. I've found better deals online than anywhere else this year, actually. We're all well. Darcy sat herself up twice yesterday without me even touching her!

That's all. Now to figure out this stupid blog HTML...sigh.