06 March 2003


Updates...hardly something I thought much about over the past few months. You see...life threw me a real curve. Hell, that's a lie. Life picked me up by the ankles, shook me and threw me against the wall. Hard. But...amazingly enough, I didn't slip into a death-like coma. Instead I got myself up and tried to make sense of what direction to go. Sometimes the best way to go is a route you knew so well you didn't know you knew it. So here I am...in the land o'cheese...Wisconsin. I moved. I really did. And it's a good thing, all in all.

I am now the Assistant Entertainment and PR Director for the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Wow. Who'd a thunk? And I like it. Why? The people are cool, I respect the faire as a whole...and I'm good at it. Damn good at it. I'm proud to say it.

Of course, there must be a dark side. Kaitlyn is back in Michigan...but only until April. She stayed with her dad (the EX) while I earned some money and found us a place to live. Which I have successfully done. It's a really cute place in a really nice neighbourhood where she'll have other kids to play with...and I can't wait to have her here. In the mean time I've stayed with my friends, Kate & Pat...who really helped make this happen. I owe them alot...especcially for the state of my mental health. Staying sane inside the insanity...

This also means missing friends. Fortunately there is modern technology so I can IM with people and keep my contacts fresh. It's really important to me to keep those people whom I consider family. (note to Liz...move, move, move) I miss them...but they are only a short 5-hour drive away. I can think of much worse things. And now I have a whole new state to share and explore with them. That's a bit exciting, I think.

Do I have friends here? Yeah. Kate & Pat, of course...Paul, whom is an entry unto himself...and others. They will gain strength in the friendship pool one day.

But there it is...an update. My life in a nutshell...which I don't know if it's any better than a fortune cookie...but at least I'm semi-sane. Can you say the same?