15 May 2011

Toddler Tantrum

Right now we are firmly entrenched in the horror that is the Terrible Twos.
Now, I haven't a clue of why they refer to it as that, as it always seems to surface just before the age of three.  All I DO know is that I'm at the end of my rope with this adorable, precious, highly verbal, overly obstinate, pushing me to the edge toddler.
It's been a battle all week, fighting constantly with me, her brother, herself.  Miss Independent doesn't even cover it.  Add to it the 4 year old suddenly can't communicat ewithout whining or being afraid of EVERYTHING (his bed, the potty, his sister, the outside, the inside, his shoes, dinner, a boo)k...everything is seems EXCEPT ghosts! (He has this odd interesting in Ghost Hunters TV show, which he says he loves & is NOT scary.)
I'm just praying the Teen years are a piece of cake.
Yeah, I can dream.