13 September 2004

Ok, so its been forever since I've written.
Who really is to keep track besides myself anyway??

Paul proposed. That's my big news. In the long and arduous journey of relationship development, we reached a point that we both realized we love one another. And our friendship is strong and solid, and we think we can have a happy life together. Who'd a thunk? Ok, so from the beginning I said there was something different, something all together unique about him...and more importantly about him AND me together. And it's a good thing. Our bubble is intact, and includes Kaitlyn. She is happy. She loves him. And we can be a family together.

And he moved in. We've painted and decorated, and have a home. Ok, its still an apartment, but its a home. It's warm and comfortable, and ours. That makes me happy.

15 April 2004

I hate that you can't just have money whenever you want it. Especcially money you've earned. I worked, therefore I should be able to have the cash, no? But instead my direct deposit hasn't gone in on Wednesday mornings like it usually does, and I'm broker than broke. All my moola last week went to fixing le car. And now I'm stuck with no poundage, no food, no gas and major frustration. grr.

I'm going to Florida. To visit my parents. In May. With Paul & Kaitlyn. I'm looking very forward to it. It was his idea. And he's been dreadfully sweet about it. Though he's worried about telling his parents. I wish they would just accept that we have a good, loving, healthy relationship. Oh wait...that would first mean they would have to know that we are "more than friends". Riiiight.