30 September 2006

Oh Boy!

Today I'm feeling a little like Sam from "Quantum Leap" as at the beginning & end of every episode you'd hear him exclaim "oh boy!"

Yesterday was my level 2 ultrasound which showed us all sorts of coolness, including the fact that the baby shows no signs of any genetic defects...and that he is, indeed, a BOY!!! I had my feelings as such since very early on, but kept semi-quiet about it, just in case. Hubby is thrilled to have his "heir". Big sis is thrilled too! Me? I'm excited, though nervous as I know NOTHING about little boys! (Believe me when I say we are not sports/cars sorts of people! Art, theatre, dance, dress up, castles, swords, pirates..that's what this child's future holds. But I'm excited!! Any boy tips you can share, please do!!!! I'm off to go shop!

22 September 2006

Crisp Days

Well something happened to my computer keyboard at home and now the entire top row of letters refuse to actually type. *sigh* That's not an expense I need to incur right now...does anyone know if you can get an adapter for a keyboard plug (so I could use the one from my old computer which has the old style round plugs)?

Elsewhere the air is crisp with the goodness that is Autumn, and though dreary with rain-laden clouds, its a delight to me. I'm sipping a mug of warm apple spice tea, treating myself to candy corn and peanuts (candy corn is fat-free after all!), and finished off the homemade bean soup I made (it'll never be as good as my dad used to make...sigh). This weekend we are looking forward to two good friend's wedding (I'm doing some of the day-of coordinating) and then going to the Fall Harvest Festival in Milwaukee, where there will be Halloween decorating, pumpkin carving events, hayrides, and general fall goodness. Next week we have plans to head to the nearby apple orchard because my favourite kind (Ida Red) will be available for picking via the hayride out, and apple pancakes will be on the menu (my husband makes great pancakes!)

Fortunately my sweaters still fit over my ever-growing baby belly, though I am convinced that my "new" cousin Liz is right...the placenta eats your brain! I'm so forgetful these days! Speaking of Liz, she is waaaay cool and has just arrived in Leeds, England for a year studying abroad for her Masters...in Medieval Lit. Yes, she's brilliant AND hilarious! I'm terribly jealous and wish I could go visit her sometime while she's there. Cheers Liz! Have a Scrumpy Jack cider with a raisin & biscuit Yorkie for me!

For everyone else...go out and enjoy the beginning of Fall...it started today!!

20 September 2006


I received the test results back. Negative results for the quad-screen blood test, which means there are no signs of any genetic defects (i.e. down's syndrome, etc.) for the baby. (YEAH!) And the colposcopy for me shows no signs for cervical cancer in the future. (Also, YEAH!) So now I sigh a sigh of relief, and impatiently wait for the ultrasound next Friday to confirm the genetic testing...and to tell me if I'm having a boy or a girl!! I did pick up some of those "necessity" items yesterday...a diaper pail, a winter carseat cover, etc. I also found the nursery set...and it wasn't the one I really wanted that cost $279, but we really like it nonetheless. (If I can find a picture, I'll post it.) Feeling happy, despite a slight cold.

Oh, and its officially fall in my world, as I've been making lots of stew & homemade soups & bread. I have apple cider in the fridge, and carmel apples too. I've started purchasing new Halloween decorations and started costumes! Have I mentioned I love the fall?!

15 September 2006


First to those who inquired, things are fine here, I was just far too busy (and sleep deprived) to post since last week! I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago, which was tramatic. Not because there is anything wrong with the baby, but due to the lack of information being shared by the medical staff. I arrived, had the usual weigh-in, blood pressure, pee in a cup tests, then they listened to the baby's heartbeat (for literally seconds only!), then I was taken into another room for a colpscopy (where they take a sample from your cervix), which I was unprepared for before being given "ok, we'll see you again in a month!" What? That's it? Nothing to check on my pregnancy? I was then sent across the hall to the lab for blood work I'd not been informed of. (It seems because of my age they do a blood test to check on the baby's health, but I didn't have a clue what was happening!) Yeah, pregnancy hormones made me start crying and demanding to know what was going on! I now have my Level 2 ultrasound scheduled for the 29th which will check for any birth defects, Downs, etc. (again due to my over 35 status) and hopefully (please, please, please!) tell us if we're having a boy or a girl! So now we wait, and in the meantime hubby is heavy into rehearsals for "Pride & Prejudice", which leaves the kidlet & I at home most evenings to play games & watch tv.

So last night she & I revived our old tradition of watching "Survivor" together. This was our standing Thursday night ritual for a few years, but then the show became dull & life took over. But this new season seems fresh and exciting again, and we were totally sucked in. The "social experiment" of dividing 4 teams by race creates controversey for the viewer, as it really didn't seem to effect the players. I'm a firm believer that stereotypes only prevail if you allow them to. If you don't want to be labelled by a stereotype, don't play into it. And in the end the competition becomes one on one, not race against race. As a comedian (I can't recall who) once said "I don't hate people because of their race, it so much easier to hate them on an individual basis". The tribe has spoken.

07 September 2006

13 Movies and Treats

This weekend a friend is celebrating their 30th birthday with an old fashioned slumber party. It's going to be silly and fun, and we'll have movies & snacks.
So today's thirteen are some of my favourite movies and the foods I'd serve with them!
1. Wizard of Oz ...classic popcorn
2. the Sound of Music ...potato pancakes w/applesauce
3. My Fair Lady ...Trifle
4. Pride & Prejudice ... Scones w/double devon creme
5. Mansfield Park ...cucumber tea sandwiches
6. Elizabeth R ...cheeses and summer sausage
7. 16 Candles ...carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting
8. the 5th Element ... burgers
9. Gothic ...dark chocolate brownies
10. Rob Roy ...beef stew
11. Mary Queen of Scots ...scotch eggs
12. What a Girl Wants ...ice cream sundaes
13. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ... treacle tarts & poprocks

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05 September 2006

School Day Blues

I love the start of a new school year. I always want my own stash of pencils and folders and various school supplies, it just so exciting to start fresh.
Though my daughter technically started on Friday (yes, I know that's ridiculous, they had the kids go one day before Labor Day weekend, crazy), today feels like Day One. Unfortunately it started off in disaster. Not only did the kidlet hurt her wrist and need to have it wrapped, the couldn't remember the combination for her bike lock and had to walk. About 1/2 hour later she was back home, crying on the front porch because she couldn't get to school. Apparently the wonderful city government has decided that the beginning of the school year is clearly the best time to tear out the entire street leading to the middle school, which includes all of the sidewalks and pathways. To say I was furious is an understatement. Complaints to the city resulted in "we'll try to put some gravel paths in sometime this week for the kids, but even those will be met with interruptions now and again". So basically somedays they might be able to get to school, but other days they won't...great. Of course, of all days for hubby to need the car, today was it. I had to call a friend on the other side of town who graciously packed up her newborn to drive here to take my daughter to school (via a backway that would have made her trek to school almost 4 miles had she walked it!) So the kidlet missed her entire first class (a class she only has 2 days a week to begin with!) but at least she's made it. We're hoping she can find a ride home with a friend.

And so the school year has begun. It has to get better from here.