20 September 2006


I received the test results back. Negative results for the quad-screen blood test, which means there are no signs of any genetic defects (i.e. down's syndrome, etc.) for the baby. (YEAH!) And the colposcopy for me shows no signs for cervical cancer in the future. (Also, YEAH!) So now I sigh a sigh of relief, and impatiently wait for the ultrasound next Friday to confirm the genetic testing...and to tell me if I'm having a boy or a girl!! I did pick up some of those "necessity" items yesterday...a diaper pail, a winter carseat cover, etc. I also found the nursery set...and it wasn't the one I really wanted that cost $279, but we really like it nonetheless. (If I can find a picture, I'll post it.) Feeling happy, despite a slight cold.

Oh, and its officially fall in my world, as I've been making lots of stew & homemade soups & bread. I have apple cider in the fridge, and carmel apples too. I've started purchasing new Halloween decorations and started costumes! Have I mentioned I love the fall?!


Susan said...

I love Fall...I love cider...and here I sit in "sunny" Florida where they're predicting a "cold front" that will bring the temps down to (ahem) 80 degrees!!!! To which I said, "HUH?????"

Glad to hear your tests came back positive to this point. Praying that this continues.


angela said...

I'm so happy about your latest appointment that things are going well...

Looking forward to hearing whether she's a boy or girl;-)

Have you ever read Laine's letters? It's this gal who is totally into homemaking...you can have them sent to your email or you can read the archives...anyway, your last paragraph reminded me of her. I read those when I need my brain to slow down and be kind of maternal...

Have a great weekend.


Kassi said...

Ohhh, I hated those tests. Abby's came out postitive for D.S., so I was off to go get an amneocintesis...and had to fly to Seattle by myself to do it. Anyway, after that was done...and found out she was okay (obviously) the amneo gave me the opportuntity to know for sure that she was definitely a girl. Yay! Praying for you and happy that all is well.