05 September 2006

School Day Blues

I love the start of a new school year. I always want my own stash of pencils and folders and various school supplies, it just so exciting to start fresh.
Though my daughter technically started on Friday (yes, I know that's ridiculous, they had the kids go one day before Labor Day weekend, crazy), today feels like Day One. Unfortunately it started off in disaster. Not only did the kidlet hurt her wrist and need to have it wrapped, the couldn't remember the combination for her bike lock and had to walk. About 1/2 hour later she was back home, crying on the front porch because she couldn't get to school. Apparently the wonderful city government has decided that the beginning of the school year is clearly the best time to tear out the entire street leading to the middle school, which includes all of the sidewalks and pathways. To say I was furious is an understatement. Complaints to the city resulted in "we'll try to put some gravel paths in sometime this week for the kids, but even those will be met with interruptions now and again". So basically somedays they might be able to get to school, but other days they won't...great. Of course, of all days for hubby to need the car, today was it. I had to call a friend on the other side of town who graciously packed up her newborn to drive here to take my daughter to school (via a backway that would have made her trek to school almost 4 miles had she walked it!) So the kidlet missed her entire first class (a class she only has 2 days a week to begin with!) but at least she's made it. We're hoping she can find a ride home with a friend.

And so the school year has begun. It has to get better from here.

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