23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Here's hoping all of you have a joyous & festive Easter! May you're basket be overflowing with chocolates & may Christ's love shine upon you!

We're having a fairly low key day of movies & games here at home after church. Yesterday was the big family dinner, which was nice. In the afternoon we went to see "The Other Boleyn Girl" which was delightfully accurates & a visual feast! Of course Sandy Powell did the costumes & she IS the costume goddess. Finally, a GOOD period piece!

We also saw THE most amazing chocolate bunny at the mall. 65 lbs of solid chocolate! Can you imagine! It was over $500. I joked it would be your Easter Bunny for Life!

21 March 2008

Happy Christmas...er....Easter????

It looks like anything BUT Spring outside right now, as we are welcoming the Easter weekend in with a BLIZZARD! Yeah, can you believe it? So much for springy dresses & bonnets, tulips & daffodils. Snow boots & shovelling hardly make for much of a festive Easter weekend.

If you look at the local news weather predictor here, you'll see I live in the 10-12" pink band. Oh bliss. I love the winter, but it was over! *sigh*

Unrelated, it is indeed a pink day as I had my ultrasound this morning confirming that yes, indeed, I am having a girl this time. She is exactly where she should be growth-wise & everything appears normal & healthy. (Yeah!) They say she weighs 1lb. 1oz. Cool. Now onto finalizing those names....... suggestions, anyone??

14 March 2008

Ridin' the Highs & the Lows

Yesterday was nothing but a serious emotional roller coaster. What began as a typical day of dropping baby boy off to the grandparents & heading to the museum spiralled into something else entirely. On my way to get him in the afternoon I was taking a route different from what I typically take, because I wanted to stop & get some elastic to finish a cute pair of PJ bottoms I had made for myself to lounge around in. (They are pink with figure skates on them, if you care.)

So, all of a sudden I stop at a light, and the police car behind me flips on his lights. Instantly all I can think is "Oh shit..." He says, "You've done nothing wrong, I just wanted you to know you're brake light is out." "Oh, ok, thanks, I'll get it fixed right away, there's an auto parts store at the next corner, I can see it from here. I just need to pick up my son up the road." No, that wasn't enough, he had to see my license to verify that the car I was driving was my own. Can you not see the baby seat behind me & my crap in the car? *sigh* I grab my coat to pull out my little wallet I keep my things in since there is no place at the museum to safely put a purse. It's not there! What? I frantically start looking for it...nothing. I explain the situation to him. He proceeds to say "I can't let you go unless you can prove you're you. Is there anyone you can call?" uh...I don't know WHERE my license is, so how the hell is someone else supposed to know? He keeps asking me things like whether or not I know my driver's license number by heart? Uh...no, why would I? Would someone else have it? Well, since I don't have it smart guy, anything is possible. Long story short, I am forced to leave the car on the side of the road (2 blocks, literally, from my in-laws house I must point out) and go to the police station.

Two hours later I've had to call my in-laws to pick up my car & then come pick me up, but not after I've been finger printed & photographed! Can you believe it?! Yes, being pregnant & hormonal I cried. Alot.

My in-laws were surprisingly nice about everything, brought dinner down for the family & quickly drove me home since I HAD to be home by 6pm to go with my cool neighbour to a meeting & job interview.

She & her family are, sadly, moving to NE next month leaving her position open. It seems like a really cool job working for the Parks & Rec. I applied & they were interested. Long story short, they offered me the position last night!!I am the new Director for the Caledonia Parks & Rec commission! I'm terribly excited about it & everyone seems very, very nice. Wish me luck!

So my "normal" day went from the lowest of lows to a fabulous high! Emotional rollercoasters are not nearly as fun as Cedar Point, let me tell you.