28 January 2008

The Original P.U.G.

Ok, so as I've mentioned before, I love pugs. They crack me up like nothing else can.
So I had to share...

So funny!

26 January 2008

The weak week

The high of the week was that I started my new job this week. It'll be good, I'm sure. We get a family membership, which is also nice. And a 25% discount at the cafe & Starbucks...which is just terribly tempting on a daily basis.

The low was that a good friend died this week. Sherwin was this great curmugeoney gentleman, who liked the good things, was highly intelligent, and got inside the head of everyone he met. (Yes, he was a psychoanalyst.) He was also funny as hell (in that wonderfully dry sort of way) and he & I always had a great time talking about life, stupidity in the world, and the good things. He loved his wife dearly. I suppose, in some ways, he reminded me of my own father. Sadly, he too passed away the other morning after a massive heart attack earlier in the week. I'm certain he went arguing the entire way...and for this I can smile. Give 'em hell, Sherwin!

12 January 2008

Finally a Moment...

I've been busy. I know, lame excuse, but it's true.
So here's the updates on my/our lives...

*Doctor says my due date is July 27th. (Is that a Leo? Anyone know?)

*6 more weeks or so before they can try to tell me boy or girl.

*I'm feeling fine.

*Hubby is working all weekend at the Home Builder's Show in Milwaukee. I haven't seen him in days.

*I had an interview with the Milwaukee Public Museum yesterday. It seemed to go very well. Keep your fingers crossed, thanks.

*We're going to the Wiscosin Dells next weekend. Belated birthday party for the kidlet's 14th. We're taking 2 of her friends & 3 of ours. Unfortunately, I've been told NO waterslides, NO very hot tubs, NO fun. *sigh* Lazy river for hours, I guess. rah.

*Baby boy is sooooo close to walking. He stood unassisted twice this morning and is cruising everywhere.

*I booked my flight for our girl's weekend getaway in May. Pregnant or not, I'm not missing the opportunity.

*OH! FYI...don't believe VISA when they tell you that if their gift cards are stolen you can get them back. It's a great big giant lie. Tried to get kidlet's back after all of her cash & cards were stolen. They were given all the info, the date it was stolen, everything. And even though she had signed the back (as if anyone ever checks), it had been used, leaving only $16 left. After the $10 fee they were going to charge her for having it stolen, they would have given her 6 whole dollars back. Gee, isn't that kind of them? I swear, if I had a way to find out who stole her purse I'd run them down with the car. All her friends were going to the mall to hit the sales today. She stuck here cleaning her room because she has nothing. I'm soooo mad still.

That's it, in a nutshell. I'll try to write a "real" post this week, but I'll definately have some photos next weekend.

02 January 2008

May the Bastards Rot in Hell

So, the upset of the holidays...

The kidlet turned 14 a few days before Christmas. She went to Michigan to visit her dad & extended family. Had a great celebration for both birthday and Christmas...and raked in a load, let me tell you...almost $400 in gift cards & another $170 in cash. So, like any teen, immediately hit the after Christmas sales with her dad.

And promptly had her purse stolen by some bastard at Great Lakes Crossing shopping mall.

I hope this bastard grinch who had the nerve to steal someone's purse during the holidays, let alone a kid's purse gets the serious karma coming to him/her! I hope he/she rots in hell. Seriously, I do. How can you do something so pathetic?

Needless to say, the kidlet is still upset about it. Rightfully so, her birthday AND Christmas were just stolen from her!!

I hate people.

01 January 2008

To the Future!

Happy New Year!!
I hope your holiday festivities were joyous & filled with lots of laughter!

I was going to write a "year in review" blog, but 2008 is here, my friends, and so its onward into the future! No looking back but to accept the joys, learn from the sorrow, and make the next step.

My 2007 ended with a mixed bag. Christmas was good, but kidlet was away. New Year's Eve was lovely, but a few friends came down with colds & flus at the last moment and had to stay home. I was let go from my job. But I found out I'm pregnant again!! 2008 will prove to be a tough, but hopefully, really good year. I have my girl's getaway weekend to look forward to (even if I can't drink endless supplies of wine now....sigh), a new baby, and job hunting (not something to look forward to, but at least it means new possibilities. Yes, this is me attempting to NOT be a cynic.)

I hope everyone is healthy, or at least happy!