26 January 2008

The weak week

The high of the week was that I started my new job this week. It'll be good, I'm sure. We get a family membership, which is also nice. And a 25% discount at the cafe & Starbucks...which is just terribly tempting on a daily basis.

The low was that a good friend died this week. Sherwin was this great curmugeoney gentleman, who liked the good things, was highly intelligent, and got inside the head of everyone he met. (Yes, he was a psychoanalyst.) He was also funny as hell (in that wonderfully dry sort of way) and he & I always had a great time talking about life, stupidity in the world, and the good things. He loved his wife dearly. I suppose, in some ways, he reminded me of my own father. Sadly, he too passed away the other morning after a massive heart attack earlier in the week. I'm certain he went arguing the entire way...and for this I can smile. Give 'em hell, Sherwin!

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