12 January 2008

Finally a Moment...

I've been busy. I know, lame excuse, but it's true.
So here's the updates on my/our lives...

*Doctor says my due date is July 27th. (Is that a Leo? Anyone know?)

*6 more weeks or so before they can try to tell me boy or girl.

*I'm feeling fine.

*Hubby is working all weekend at the Home Builder's Show in Milwaukee. I haven't seen him in days.

*I had an interview with the Milwaukee Public Museum yesterday. It seemed to go very well. Keep your fingers crossed, thanks.

*We're going to the Wiscosin Dells next weekend. Belated birthday party for the kidlet's 14th. We're taking 2 of her friends & 3 of ours. Unfortunately, I've been told NO waterslides, NO very hot tubs, NO fun. *sigh* Lazy river for hours, I guess. rah.

*Baby boy is sooooo close to walking. He stood unassisted twice this morning and is cruising everywhere.

*I booked my flight for our girl's weekend getaway in May. Pregnant or not, I'm not missing the opportunity.

*OH! FYI...don't believe VISA when they tell you that if their gift cards are stolen you can get them back. It's a great big giant lie. Tried to get kidlet's back after all of her cash & cards were stolen. They were given all the info, the date it was stolen, everything. And even though she had signed the back (as if anyone ever checks), it had been used, leaving only $16 left. After the $10 fee they were going to charge her for having it stolen, they would have given her 6 whole dollars back. Gee, isn't that kind of them? I swear, if I had a way to find out who stole her purse I'd run them down with the car. All her friends were going to the mall to hit the sales today. She stuck here cleaning her room because she has nothing. I'm soooo mad still.

That's it, in a nutshell. I'll try to write a "real" post this week, but I'll definately have some photos next weekend.


Kimmer said...

We were hoping that you'd deliver on 08/08/08. Can you cross your legs until then?

Oh wait!

If you could cross your legs, you wouldn't be pregnant!!


I believe that 07/27 WOULD be a Leo. --It's not all bad, Pip is a Leo....

Kassi said...

:) what Kim said