02 January 2008

May the Bastards Rot in Hell

So, the upset of the holidays...

The kidlet turned 14 a few days before Christmas. She went to Michigan to visit her dad & extended family. Had a great celebration for both birthday and Christmas...and raked in a load, let me tell you...almost $400 in gift cards & another $170 in cash. So, like any teen, immediately hit the after Christmas sales with her dad.

And promptly had her purse stolen by some bastard at Great Lakes Crossing shopping mall.

I hope this bastard grinch who had the nerve to steal someone's purse during the holidays, let alone a kid's purse gets the serious karma coming to him/her! I hope he/she rots in hell. Seriously, I do. How can you do something so pathetic?

Needless to say, the kidlet is still upset about it. Rightfully so, her birthday AND Christmas were just stolen from her!!

I hate people.

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