01 January 2008

To the Future!

Happy New Year!!
I hope your holiday festivities were joyous & filled with lots of laughter!

I was going to write a "year in review" blog, but 2008 is here, my friends, and so its onward into the future! No looking back but to accept the joys, learn from the sorrow, and make the next step.

My 2007 ended with a mixed bag. Christmas was good, but kidlet was away. New Year's Eve was lovely, but a few friends came down with colds & flus at the last moment and had to stay home. I was let go from my job. But I found out I'm pregnant again!! 2008 will prove to be a tough, but hopefully, really good year. I have my girl's getaway weekend to look forward to (even if I can't drink endless supplies of wine now....sigh), a new baby, and job hunting (not something to look forward to, but at least it means new possibilities. Yes, this is me attempting to NOT be a cynic.)

I hope everyone is healthy, or at least happy!

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Abbey said...

Happy New Year and Congratulations! I recently found your email address you gave Ian and have meaning to write. Now that the holidays are past maybe I'll actually get around to it ;)