24 March 2009

Stranger Sorrow

Why is it that we will sometimes feel an overwheming emotion when we hear about someone we don't even know suffering a great tragedy or success? Is it just a part of who we are as humans to become empathetic?

Natasha Richardson's recent death has touched me very deeply, and I was thinking about why that is. Perhaps it's because I liked her as an actress, as well as her (oh so handsome) husband, Liam Neeson? Perhaps it's because she was only 45 years old and has two teenage sons? Or maybe it's because of the simple tragedy of her death? Never mind the fact that whenever I hear about it all I can see in my mind is Liam Neeson in "Love Actually" when his character loses his wife.

I think it has made me see my own mortality. That has become my greatest fear...dying too young, dying before I get to share in my children's lives. I suddenly woke up to realize my age & fear took hold. Am I alone in this?

20 March 2009

It's a Universally Acknowledged Truth...

Last night my hubby & I had a much need "date night". Dinner didn't end up being where we had planned because he worked too late, so instead we had a quick dinner at Panera, which was tasty enough, before heading off to the Milwaukee Rep's production of "Pride & Prejudice". It was WONDERFUL. Ok, as with most shows I had a few issues (let's just leave it to say that their casting of Lydia was DREADFUL. Almost as bad as casting Kiera Knightly in the latest film version as Elizabeth Bennet...only with an atrociously dreadful accent!) and I think Kate or whomever did the hats suddenly fell on their own heads...but otherwise it was a great show. Darcy was very well cast (tall, handsome & strangely had this perfect combination of looks of Colin Firth and Matthew McFayden, but gave a better performance than McFayden as Darcy!) Mr. Collins was hilarious and had a fantastic voice. Mr. Bingley was cute & charming, Jane was beautiful, Caroline was bitchy. Surprisingly, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner were a stand-out delight! I wasn't particularly fond of their casting for Elizabeth. She was too plain, and her voice became too high pitched & grating at moments, but overall, she did quite well.

Ok, that's my quick review. I was very glad to see it and it was, without doubt, the best stage script I've ever encountered of "Pride & Prejudice"!

11 March 2009

The Mom Song

Simply Brilliant!

10 March 2009

Can You Hear the People Sing?

This week is the opening of kidlet's school musical "Les Miserables". I was roped into helping with costumes, and after previewing last night's rehearsal, I have to same, I'm impressed! Some of the kids really do have amazing voices. The orchestra = phenomenal. (Seriously, it was like listening to the soundtrack.) And the costumes...well, what can I say? For a high school that consisted entirely of adapting modern pieces to making them look period appropriate, I had to pat myself on the back, they looked pretty darn awesome! I was proud of the kidlet as she really knows how to react & throw focus on stage (something many of her classmates could take a lesson from). As with almost ANY production there are always choices that are made that I have opinions about. (Mostly I hate front of curtain staging...there is nothing worse to me than seeing someone who just died on stage get up on the not-dark-enough stage & walk off...and in Les Miz almost EVERYONE dies!) I'm looking forward to seeing the opening night on Thursday when all those technical kinks are worked out. Sometimes I regret not becoming a high school drama teacher...and then I think of the time commitment and am glad to just be an involved parent.

06 March 2009


Forward! is the Wisconsin state motto. I just learned that. I think it's appropriate today. I have had a few crazy weeks.

First of all, the drama with the friend who was offended by what I wrote here. Long story short, I will not communicate with her anymore unless absolutely necessary. We are no longer friends. This REALLY bothered me at first, but the way she has chosen to (not) address this matter makes it easier.

Next...sewing. Lots of sewing. I still have more to do, but the bulk of it is done. I've completed my Regency dress (and am pleased for the most part). I have almost all of the kids in "Les Miserables" costumed. (The rest will be finished tomorrow morning.) I can now focus on the hubby's breeches and...eventually...new faire garb. But we'll see about that later.

Today the weather is in the 50s and gorgeous. I hope to be able to enjoy at least some of it today. I suggest you do the same!

02 March 2009


I have several project currently on hand...sewing a Regency gown (ok, it's almost finished, I just have to hand sew the trim)...sewing Regency breeches (dreading this task)...figuring out the purchase of fabric for a new court gown for Bristol and sewing said dress (I really want a new gown, I just don't want to spend any money)...and other random bits & pieces. My problem is my lack of focus lately. I just don't WANT to do it once the time finally becomes available for me to do it. I don't know what my deal is. I know my brain is lingering on stupid things sometimes, and other times I just...don't.

How do you focus?