20 March 2009

It's a Universally Acknowledged Truth...

Last night my hubby & I had a much need "date night". Dinner didn't end up being where we had planned because he worked too late, so instead we had a quick dinner at Panera, which was tasty enough, before heading off to the Milwaukee Rep's production of "Pride & Prejudice". It was WONDERFUL. Ok, as with most shows I had a few issues (let's just leave it to say that their casting of Lydia was DREADFUL. Almost as bad as casting Kiera Knightly in the latest film version as Elizabeth Bennet...only with an atrociously dreadful accent!) and I think Kate or whomever did the hats suddenly fell on their own heads...but otherwise it was a great show. Darcy was very well cast (tall, handsome & strangely had this perfect combination of looks of Colin Firth and Matthew McFayden, but gave a better performance than McFayden as Darcy!) Mr. Collins was hilarious and had a fantastic voice. Mr. Bingley was cute & charming, Jane was beautiful, Caroline was bitchy. Surprisingly, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner were a stand-out delight! I wasn't particularly fond of their casting for Elizabeth. She was too plain, and her voice became too high pitched & grating at moments, but overall, she did quite well.

Ok, that's my quick review. I was very glad to see it and it was, without doubt, the best stage script I've ever encountered of "Pride & Prejudice"!

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