29 June 2009

In Bloom

Why am I a full week behind on posting anything? Ugh...life.

Ok, this is just a photo-filled post of pics I took last week at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Enjoy...let me know what is your favourite!

26 June 2009

The exhibit for Muggles

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry before the kidlet left for MI for the summer to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It was amazing! (and I can't believe it has taken me weeks to write about it!)

The exhibit had lots of costumes, props & set pieces from all of the movies. They did an amazing job of making you feel like you were moving through parts of Hogwarts, not just looking at props. I enjoyed seeing some of my favourite character's costumes up close. The details are incredible! My personal favourites...Snape and Gilderoy Lockhart. (That's the kidlet with the Ford Anglia Ron & Harry fly to Hogwarts.)

I can't recommend the exhibit enough, go my Muggle friends & enjoy the magic!

12 June 2009

2 weeks

So this morning I received news that I have been given 2 weeks notice of my indefinate layoff.
Not only do I lose my job, but the ENTIRE parks & rec department is shutting down...which means no more classes, park shelter rentals or maintenance for the parks...which means the public is going to be VERY unhappy by the end of summer!

It sucks.

I hate that, once again, I'm back job hunting. That it seems like every company I work for bottoms up. I hate that I feel like I have this curse on me.

04 June 2009

Where I'll be this weekend...

Oh Yeah!

Can't wait!

All of THE best coasters with my bestest friends!
Endless fun!

01 June 2009

Family Vacations

So we've been talking for awhile now about taking a family vacation this summer. We set our sights on Colonial Williamsburg. It has all those elements we love...history, culture, shopping, places for the kids, etc. Then hubby sets the financial limits & presents the challenge to me to figure out how to make it happen. Well, I'm a research monkey and LOVE a good challenge! So, I did it! I made a roadtrip out to Virginia fit within our time frame, our budget, even a way to see a few very good friends along the way! Everything!

And then his hours were cut back, and mine were cut even more.

Now our wonderful family vacation has been eliminated. Erased. No more.
I'm REALLY sad about it. Instead we are limited to the backyard. Perhaps a day here & there at one of the Chicago museums (since we get in free anyway).

If only my hours would increase again or another good job came along...but in this economy we all know how likely that is.

Thank you for your suggestions of places to go, though! Mackinac Island is wonderful, but the height of the season at the beginning of August. And we've been to Galena, IL several times. It's positively wonderful & a special place for us...without the kids.

Keep making suggestions! Perhaps something will fit into our even more limited budget yet?!?!