12 June 2009

2 weeks

So this morning I received news that I have been given 2 weeks notice of my indefinate layoff.
Not only do I lose my job, but the ENTIRE parks & rec department is shutting down...which means no more classes, park shelter rentals or maintenance for the parks...which means the public is going to be VERY unhappy by the end of summer!

It sucks.

I hate that, once again, I'm back job hunting. That it seems like every company I work for bottoms up. I hate that I feel like I have this curse on me.


Kanga said...

I'm sorry, Kimba :( You need to get the notion out of your head right now that you are somehow "cursed" and are responsible for the economic state of your employer. It isn't you .. it's the entire country! (Yeah, I know you know this - I'm not going to belabor the point).

Take a couple of days to work through the grief ... do NOT take responsibility for the public and it's proposed state of unhappiness. Whatever happens, it will NOT be your fault, my friend. Feel free to commiserate with the best of them, though, and encourage disgruntled residents to voice complaint through the proper channels. You never know what might happen, eh?

Above all, know that I am pulling for you and supporting you ... praying for an even better job to come your way! God is able to great things if we let Him, right? *smile*

Karen Lumayaga-Lopez said...

Kanga is right. It may be sad for the people having that situation, but looking on the brighter side of life is an option. God bless.