26 June 2009

The exhibit for Muggles

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry before the kidlet left for MI for the summer to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It was amazing! (and I can't believe it has taken me weeks to write about it!)

The exhibit had lots of costumes, props & set pieces from all of the movies. They did an amazing job of making you feel like you were moving through parts of Hogwarts, not just looking at props. I enjoyed seeing some of my favourite character's costumes up close. The details are incredible! My personal favourites...Snape and Gilderoy Lockhart. (That's the kidlet with the Ford Anglia Ron & Harry fly to Hogwarts.)

I can't recommend the exhibit enough, go my Muggle friends & enjoy the magic!

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Kanga said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! *smile* I have never been to this museum - neither has Courtney. Jim and Alex went a number of years ago while Diva Girl and I were at The American Girl Place for her birthday party. *smile* We'll definitely have to go again sometime!