01 June 2009

Family Vacations

So we've been talking for awhile now about taking a family vacation this summer. We set our sights on Colonial Williamsburg. It has all those elements we love...history, culture, shopping, places for the kids, etc. Then hubby sets the financial limits & presents the challenge to me to figure out how to make it happen. Well, I'm a research monkey and LOVE a good challenge! So, I did it! I made a roadtrip out to Virginia fit within our time frame, our budget, even a way to see a few very good friends along the way! Everything!

And then his hours were cut back, and mine were cut even more.

Now our wonderful family vacation has been eliminated. Erased. No more.
I'm REALLY sad about it. Instead we are limited to the backyard. Perhaps a day here & there at one of the Chicago museums (since we get in free anyway).

If only my hours would increase again or another good job came along...but in this economy we all know how likely that is.

Thank you for your suggestions of places to go, though! Mackinac Island is wonderful, but the height of the season at the beginning of August. And we've been to Galena, IL several times. It's positively wonderful & a special place for us...without the kids.

Keep making suggestions! Perhaps something will fit into our even more limited budget yet?!?!


Kanga said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Kimba! So frustrating to have something pulled away from you like that ...especially on the crest of your success and actually making it work!!

Jim emailed the gentleman in charge of judges for the national fine arts competition and told him he was no longer able to judge ... now we still have to figure out a way to come up with the $1000+ to send the older two!

I'm still wanting to get over your way, but now I'm not sure we can go to the Wilton sale ... but ... we WILL see each other this summer! I will make it happen, I will!!!!

Love you, friend!!!!!!!!!

fin said...

maybe you should go to a renaissance festival? I hear there's a good one not too far from you, and they're historical, aren't they? (sorry).

NOT being at all historical, and being even less researchey, I fear I have nothing like a good idea to share. so very sad that williamsburg can't happen...