28 May 2009

Sorry about the Delay

...but I'm sick. Very sick. Icky, hacky coughy, snotty, body achey sick.
I haven't the energy to make the time to attempt something clever & witty or profound.

When I'm lying in my sickness I have been trying to think about where to take a good family roadtrip this August. I'd be eternally grateful for any suggestions. The requirements are: we must be able to drive there from Wisconsin, we will be travelling with 2 toddlers & one teenagers, and we love historical sites.

Please inspire me to get out of my fevered blandness. Thanks.


Kassi said...

Mackinac Island!!

But you knew I would say that :)

Kassi said...

PS. I hope you feel better very soon!! xo

Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption said...

How about Galena, IL?