14 May 2009

Tip o'the Day

Don't my eyebrows look fabulous?

Kidlet & I had our eyebrows cleaned up at this place at the mall via Brow Threading. What is brow threading? You can learn more here, but basically the lady takes length of string & plucks your brows. It does sting a big, but no more than plucking or waxing. And it's quick (about 5 minutes), inexpensive ($10), and our brows look positively fantastic!

If only the rest of me could be made to look that great that fast...sigh.

Here are a few random shots I took of all the gorgeous flowers in bloom around our house. Keep in mind, Dutch hubby o' mine wants fields of tulips, but so far these are some of what we have. I keep hoping for a wall of lilacs, myself.


Kanga said...

Lovely eyebrows! Diva Girl (the teenager) has had her eyebrows waxed before, but I have never ever even plucked one hair. Maybe I should one day, huh?

Beautiful flowers! The tulips are gorgeous here right now ... lining the streets of downtown. I wanted to plant some when we first moved into this house, but ... never happened.


greedygrace said...

Sexy eyebrows! :)

I came by to welcome you to SITS! Glad to have you with us!

Aubrey said...

I have always wanted to try eyebrow threading! Yours look great!

Coming over from SITS to say WELCOME!

Lisa M said...

Love the eyebrows! I was walking by an eyebrow threading booth yesterday and i thought it looked painful, but after reading your post, I think I'll go try it!

Welcome to the SITStahood!