06 May 2009

Boys are Dumb

Today I'm angry. I know, it seems to be my constant state this week. My anger today is directed at my eldest daughter who is failing a class. This is the girl who won scholarships based on having the highest scores of everyone in her class. She has all As in every other class. But she doesn't care about math & therefore is failing Geometry. I want to actually ring her lying, mouthy neck. I'm so freakin' fed up!
The other source of my anger today is my husband. The selfish man whom I married. Why oh why are ALL of them are selfish little boys who put themselves first? Why dont' they get that we moms & wives sacrifices ourselves constantly & they just do whatever they want, whetheror not it means WE get sleep, credit, stay healthy or have a braincell of any use left in our stressed out heads?
I hate them all today.


Kassi said...

I have a girl child as well, who is NOT doing well in her math class at all...and it is SO very frustrating. I pray for your sanity and fortitude in the days to come.

Kanga said...

Oh, Kimba ... I can relate all too well (as you know). MY teenage daughter was failing 2 classes, one because she simply couldn't be bothered to write a 225 pt. paper, without which she has no hope of passing the class. Ugh!

I wish i had seen this the day you wrote it, :( Call me anytime if you want to chat, my friend!!!! {{{{hugs}}}}