01 May 2009

Those Old Crazy Days

I'm heading down to Chicago in about an hour to spend the day with a dear old friend who now lives in NYC and whom I haven't tseen in years. We used to perform together at the Michigan Renaissance Festival ("back in the day") and had some wonderful crazy times together. Sarah is the sort of person who could seriously intimidate if she really wanted to...she has piercings & tattoos all over and doesn't take crap from anyone. But, in reality, she is one of the sweetest, kindest people you'd ever want as a friend. She used to take the Kidlet to the Detroit Zoo when she was little, after all. But now she lived in NYC, works on the set of "Ugly Betty", and we haven't hung out in years. I worry that I'm going to come across as dull. That in the years of motherhood & wifedom I've become boring (something I've lamented about myself recently). I don't feel I've gotten old (though the Big 4-0 has recently become a reality) but rather, just much, much, much less talkative, fun & generally interesting...especially to my NYC, celebrity elbow-rubbing friend.

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Sandra said...

I'll lay odds you didn't come across as boring, not one iota! Truly, you are an extremely interesting and fun person, mom or no! I mean it! I worry that when we finally get together you will find me boring ... I don't have fun Ren Fest or other historical reinactment stories ... just a toddler running me ragged! LOL!!!

You had a great time with Sarah, didn't you? Yeah, I know you did! *smile*