18 May 2009

The Kidlet Goes to her 1st Prom

My lovely daughter is 15 & a freshman at St. Catherine's High School. I can't believe she is growning up so quickly! This weekend was went to Prom (with a senior, no less!) and her best friend, Jazz, was set up with another senior boy. (She lives in another town, so this was REALLY a treat for the two of them to be able to go together! It probably won't happen when they are seniors, after all!) My little girls...so grown up!

Now, Prom is always a big deal, but here in Racine it is an even bigger deal. You see, ALL of the high schools have prom on the same night. The kids go to dinner (mine went to Shogun, the Japanese restaurant in town), then to their respective schools (most for the crowing of the Prom Kings & Queens), and then at a set time, each school arrives down at the Lake Michigan-front convention center for the Post-Prom (which really is the main event).

There are camera crews filming it all (so we can sit at home & watch them live!), news crews, it was even hosted this year by some VH1 celebrity! There are bleachers set up for people who want to see it up close & personal & cheer all the kids. And the kids typically try to out do each other with the sort of vehicle they arrive in. In the past there have been army tanks, vintage firetrucks, even an elephant! This year there were alot of Hummer stretch limos, various kinds of buses, and even a yacht! (My kids took a 'traditional' limo.) My personal favourite this year, however, was the couple who came in the Stormtrooper SUV -- driven by a stormtrooper, with 2 more hanging off the sides, AND Darth Vader walking in front! Brilliant! Inside the Post Prom they had 3 different DJs for dancing, an inflatable labryinth, American Gladiator-style "jousting", Guitar Hero on giant wall TVs, karaoke, and more!

Then they spent Sunday together at Gurnee Mills mall, where they could eat at Rainforest Cafe', play lazer tag, ice skate, etc. She's growing up but what a great weekend!


Kanga said...

Sounds like Kaitlyn and friends had a fabulous time! I wish I could have watched on the telly with you ...what fun would that have been? (Maybe if I can convince hubby to move your way our girls can attend together, LOL).

Kaitlyn is SO gorgeous and elegant in her Prom gown ... so ... VINTAGE! I love it!

BTW...how well did Jazz and her date get along? Hopefully all went well?

Thanks for sharing!!

Kimba said...

Yes, that got along really well, actually! I think, perhaps, if he wasn't graduating in 2 weeks they might have gone out again. But, alas, in Jazz's words "what's the point?" LOL

Em said...

Holy cow!! Proms have come a long way.

Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous. I adore the dress!! Understated elegance is the term my mother would use. Simply beautiful.

Welcome to SiTS! Em