07 September 2006

13 Movies and Treats

This weekend a friend is celebrating their 30th birthday with an old fashioned slumber party. It's going to be silly and fun, and we'll have movies & snacks.
So today's thirteen are some of my favourite movies and the foods I'd serve with them!
1. Wizard of Oz ...classic popcorn
2. the Sound of Music ...potato pancakes w/applesauce
3. My Fair Lady ...Trifle
4. Pride & Prejudice ... Scones w/double devon creme
5. Mansfield Park ...cucumber tea sandwiches
6. Elizabeth R ...cheeses and summer sausage
7. 16 Candles ...carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting
8. the 5th Element ... burgers
9. Gothic ...dark chocolate brownies
10. Rob Roy ...beef stew
11. Mary Queen of Scots ...scotch eggs
12. What a Girl Wants ...ice cream sundaes
13. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ... treacle tarts & poprocks

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Courtney said...

Have a great time at the slumber party. What a fun idea!

Chelle Y. said...

Yummy! I am hungry now!

angela said...

This is so creative and fun...I'm going to do some of these at home, and make some of my own up as well. You are so fun :-)

Janet said...

Oh, I love this list, what a great, creative, funny idea! Mmmmm, scotch eggs, my Nana used to make those! I'll be there for that and the treacle tarts & poprocks LOL!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

It's all relative said...

Awesome 13! I totally agree with the 5th element burger match up!

Jane said...

Well, I would come watch a movie with you anytime! You serve terrific snacks. Thanks for stopping by my T13. Come on by anytime.

Sally said...

Very creative! I should have done that for my 30th.

My 1st TT is up.

angela said...

OK girl...this is last week's...I hope you are feeling OK, and that everything is alright...