22 September 2006

Crisp Days

Well something happened to my computer keyboard at home and now the entire top row of letters refuse to actually type. *sigh* That's not an expense I need to incur right now...does anyone know if you can get an adapter for a keyboard plug (so I could use the one from my old computer which has the old style round plugs)?

Elsewhere the air is crisp with the goodness that is Autumn, and though dreary with rain-laden clouds, its a delight to me. I'm sipping a mug of warm apple spice tea, treating myself to candy corn and peanuts (candy corn is fat-free after all!), and finished off the homemade bean soup I made (it'll never be as good as my dad used to make...sigh). This weekend we are looking forward to two good friend's wedding (I'm doing some of the day-of coordinating) and then going to the Fall Harvest Festival in Milwaukee, where there will be Halloween decorating, pumpkin carving events, hayrides, and general fall goodness. Next week we have plans to head to the nearby apple orchard because my favourite kind (Ida Red) will be available for picking via the hayride out, and apple pancakes will be on the menu (my husband makes great pancakes!)

Fortunately my sweaters still fit over my ever-growing baby belly, though I am convinced that my "new" cousin Liz is right...the placenta eats your brain! I'm so forgetful these days! Speaking of Liz, she is waaaay cool and has just arrived in Leeds, England for a year studying abroad for her Masters...in Medieval Lit. Yes, she's brilliant AND hilarious! I'm terribly jealous and wish I could go visit her sometime while she's there. Cheers Liz! Have a Scrumpy Jack cider with a raisin & biscuit Yorkie for me!

For everyone else...go out and enjoy the beginning of Fall...it started today!!

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amy said...

Have a great fall season