04 December 2008

Grrrr....BIG White GRRRRRR.....

Ok, so I was getting this notice that I could now add things to my blog. Cool. (You'll see a few off to the left there.) However, you'll also notice that stupid Blogger went & killed all the special added things from my blog (like my main picture, which I loved). Now I'm forced to have to take the time to refigure out how to do the HTML to add it again. (If anyone can just tell me so I don't have to research that, I'd be eternally grateful!)
Stupid technology.

On a more personal note, we have snow. Not as much snow as other parts of Wisconsin, but snow. (It seems that being on the shores of Lake Michigan mean we stay warmer in the winter than other areas, and don't get the lake effect snow Michigan gets. Hmmmm...its still only 12 degree today, I might add. Yeah, warmer...sure....)

Things are good. I have much of my Christmas shopping complete, with only a little left to do after my next paycheck. I've found better deals online than anywhere else this year, actually. We're all well. Darcy sat herself up twice yesterday without me even touching her!

That's all. Now to figure out this stupid blog HTML...sigh.

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Kimmer said...

Weeellll, I don't know how to help you with the HTML issues....... I'm not good with technology.

Yea for Little Miss Darcy sitting up by herself! --She's still sin-free, right? As her Godmother, it falls to me to make sure that her eternal soul remains pure. .....remind me again why you picked ME for this duty?

I noticed Beau Brummell on your Netflix list. I've been considering adding this one to mine as well! Let me know if it's any good!