07 August 2008

Boys are Dumb

Yesterday I had to experience something new, and I'm not pleased about it.

When you go through a break up its painful & you can yell & scream. When a friend goes through a break up you feel their pain & let them yell & scream and offer some jokes & gin. But when your 14-year-old daughter has to experience her first break up you want to hold her tight and keep her from growing up anymore so she never has to experience it ever again.

Her "perfect" boyfriend (I say that because up until now I thought he was, and always said I couldn't have handpicked a better boyfriend for her) broke up with her...and in typical dumb boy timing...2 days before their one year anniversary of dating. (At least now she doesn't have to get him a gift, right?) Now, you must understand that only the day before he was saying how he was going to take her out to dinner & a movie. (GRRRR, says mama lion protecting her cub.) He wants to stay friends, and amazingly so does she. So why do I want her to yell & scream & make HIM feel bad? (Personally I think her best revenge is making everyone like her at school and do really great in all her classes so everyone talks about her and he realizes he dumped a great girl. )

So I did what a mama could do and declared "Girls Night!" and made Paul stay home with the little ones while I took the kidlet out to see "Mama Mia!" (the perfect mother-daughter movie, by the by...wonderful & hilarious & you can't help but sing along) and then out for extra large ice cream treats. I think she felt better by the end of the night.

I just hate that some boy hurt my baby, ya know? Boys are dumb.


Fin said...

unbelievable. did he give a reason even? dork. turd.

I agree with you, that her best revenge is to have a great life, and have him realize what he's missing. Add in there, though, that since they're friends, she will need to confess to him all of those wonderful moments that happen with whatever new boys that come along.

Mama Mia - I've been thinking about that for fooey - obviously she's well too young for a lot of it, but she totally loves the singing. (she sang more or less ALL of "part of your world" with me in the car yesterday!)

well, hugs and love to kitten. tell her from Nini, that he's likely to just be one in a long line of men too stupid to realise what they have in her. (Though, i of course, hope that he's not only the first, but the only to break up with her... )

Kimmer said...

Well now he's free to come out of the closet.

Let's face it........ he was too perfect a boyfriend to NOT be gay!

Poor, Pookie..... Tell her that she'll be OK. She's a strong, independent girl-woman and there are better things out there for her!