21 August 2008

Another week

So, I'm finally updating the last post that was left incomplete due to unexplained circumstances. Aliens. I blame them.
This week included time at the park with a picnic dinner. A day at Bristol Renaissance Faire performing & causing general Elizabethan Catholic chaos that I enjoy oh-so-much! (I can't help it, after all these years the dirt is firmly engrained in my blood & therefore I MUST perform when I can. Hubby couldn't care less about it anymore but kidlet & I have oh-s0-many years on him that our faire dirt black lungs won't let us stay away.) Tonight he & a friend are off to see the new Star Wars Clone Wars flick. Geeks, but I love 'em. Kidlet had her high school freshman picnic yesterday & enjoyed it. She starts next Wednesday. I can't believe it.
And this week I was asked to head up the planning of my high school class reunion. I refuse to admit what year it will be, but I now have 3 years to plan a spectacular bash & get myself looking more young & beautiful than I was in the '80s. I'm feeling a bit daunted by it, but really excited at the same time. And you KNOW I have to make it the party everyone is left talking about! (Wish me luck & send suggestions, ok?)


Kassi said...

how awesome that you were asked to plan the reunion! I am sure it will be fabulous...how could it not?

Kimmer said...

Can I pretend to have graduated from Carmen High School so that I can go to your party?