03 January 2006

The Dull Road to Recovery

I'm finally getting better, things are back to a semblence of order...Paul has returned to work, Kaitlyn has returned to school, and I have the house to myself without feeling like death. And I'm bored out of my skull!!!

I admit I've spend a great portion of the day reading "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants"...Kaitlyn received the trilogy for her birthday, with the knowledge that mom had to read it first to determine if she really is old enough to read it yet. (Thus far I think another year or two would be more appropriate.) And I applied online to a couple of jobs. And I straightened up the living room.

But I'm bored. I miss having them around.

My car is slowly dying. $1600 is the current estimate for engine replacement...its own kidney problems, I guess. If only you could just take it in and have it healed. Unfortunately I'm afraid it is going to have to be laid to rest and a new one purchased. Not good, since both Paul & I have our current vehicles paid off...we didn't really want a car payment right now. *sigh* So I'm looking for good used ones as well. And the Kia special at the dealership.
Ah, if only we had good public transportation.

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Kassi said...

I know exactly where you are at. The engine in my car died...back in November. We had to pay $2600 for a replacement, on top of the regular car payments. We did however, get a new mini van out of the debacle. Yah!