29 December 2005

Talk about...Pop Music...

Ok, so I've always loved music, ever since I was a little kid. Love it. I used to be a DJ for a brief and shining moment in time at WWCK-AM/105.5FM in Flint, MI. It was fun. It was exciting. They paid me to play....literally. And music, lyrics, still seem to often express my emotions the best sometimes. My mood can totally be changed by a single song.

This December I've been laid up the whole month, and really missed out on all the fun that is the holiday season: christmas shopping, looking for the perfect gifts, driving around listening to the carols & looking at the lights displays, the eggnog and cookies, dressing up...all of it, I've missed out on because of kidney stones. how is it that something 8cm in size can screw up your whole life and make you a prisoner in your own home? *sigh*

So, feel inspired by this fun quizzy bit I ran across earlier tonight. I'd love to hear your answers!

Choose a band/artist and answer ONLY IN SONG TITLES by that band
Artist/Band: Duran Duran (of course)
Are you male or female: Girls on Film
Describe yourself: Ordinary World
How do some people feel about you: Hot Head
How do you feel about yourself: Is There Something I Should Know?
Describe what you want to be: Notorious
Describe how you live: My Own Way
Describe how you love: Hungry Like the Wolf
Share a few words of wisdom: Reach Out for the Sunrise

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