27 December 2005


I've decided to post my resolutions in the hopes that by living a public life, I will feel more obligated to them. My husband believes you live with secrets or you live publically, and you can't have one or the other. But then he is incredibly honest. So here it is...my resolutions to myself & the world.

1. Be Healthier. Of course I sit here hours away from surgery, so that seems a bit of an obvious request, but I mean an overall healthier life. The "I'm getting married stress" diet helped some, and the "kidney stone" diet has allowed me to drop some more rather non-obvioius to anyone but me pounds, but I want to seriously drop some inches and poundage over the next year. I want a baby with my husband and I want to not be "at risk" for my weight and age. I want to do more with Kaitlyn, who wants to be more physical too. And I want to keep up with my skinny, long legged husband well into my mid-life and twilight years to come.

2. Be in touch more. I want to make sure to send more cards and write more often to people so we don't lose touch. I've lost my dad and some friends this past year. I'll never have them back, I think. And it feels like a big part of my past has simply been erased. I don't want that to happen again.

3. Make ideas real. I have a couple of really big projects I want to do. That I've wanted to do for awhile now. And my husband is entirely encouraging me to do them...giving me the time and tools to make it real. And so I will. No more "what ifs"...I hope to be published (or in process) by next holiday season. I want my event planning business to really take off...even if its a slow start. But the reality is before me.

There aren't many, but they are big, life changing ones. I hope encouragement comes from the world at large.

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Anonymous said...


You're back up and running (well, online anyway...)!

OK, since both you and Nif are 'serious about losing a bit of extra poundage', I guess that I have to make some changes as well. On the way into work this morning, the AM DJ's were talking about being a good wingman, and I don't want to be the 'grenade' that the wingman has to jump on to save his buddy.

Personally, since I've cut out refined starches (white rice *gasp*, potatoes, and regular pasta) I've had a TON more energy. I strongly recommend WHOLE GRAINS. --Rich is tired of hearing about them, but the whole grains are your friends.--

I'll keep your recovery in my prayers (we prayed both Saturday night at midnight service and then again on Sunday morning when we went to Corpus Christi Catholic Church)!

Luv Yer Guts!