19 January 2006


These are my happy thoughts/moments this week:
1. I'm finally getting the photos of my wedding into a special album & sending it off to my mom.
2. I can *finally* listen to my favourite Detroit radio program "Dominski & Doyle" (97.1fm WKRK) each and every day thanks to the internet! I've tried for 3 years, and at long last they have the broadcast live online. This makes me smile...they crack me up!
3. My husband left me the sweetest love letter under my pillow the other morning...written on parchment, in calligraphy. *sigh...my own Mr. Darcy*
4. Tomorrow is my daughter's 12th birthday party...5 pre-teen girls slumber party-ing at our house & a night of ice skating. It reminds me of my own junior high days. (Hubby & I plan to hang out in our room with Scrabble & movies on the portable DVD.)
5. I sent a birthday card to an old friend. She may not be thrilled to get it...we haven't talked in a very long time...but I want her birthday to be delightful, nonetheless, and so I will send her happiness with no strings attached.

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