27 January 2006


Ok, so according to Fit Pregnancy magazine, Milwaukee ranks #17 of the Best Places to Have a Baby. Apparently there are less C-sections, lower hospital costs, more parks & public walking spaces, and lots of childcare options. The downside seems to be little to no tax advantages, fewer mothers choose to breastfeed here, and the climate is extreme. Hmmm...so if we breastfeed longer, and had better weather, it would be a better city to have a baby? What about the actual raising of the child? Maybe that's what should really be taken into consideration.


kassi said...

I think that is an interesting take on it....great place to HAVE the baby...but now what? Milwaukee is a cool place though, so you have to muddle through the formative years, your teenager will LOVE you! :)

Kimba said...

Yeah, I really love it here...there realy is so much to do! The culture alone is great! Come visit sometime!

kassi said...

We were in Milwaukee a couple of years ago and loved it. I particularly enjoyed Safe House!