18 February 2008

We all do Stupid things in the Winter, right?

In a fit of "I'm sick of being sick" I went & had my hairs chopped yesterday. Literally, chopped. It's a short, choppy mess that I'm totally hating with all passion today. It was supposed to be cute & funky. Instead it makes me look old & crazy.

I wonder if I can hide in the house for the next 3 months?


Kassi said...

Oh dear Kimba! It probably doesn't look as terrible as you think...mainly because of your "I'm sick of being sick" situation is probably making things look worse than they are. BUT I have been there...the bad haircut and the feeling crummy about things in general.

I'll hope for fast growing hair and if you have any prenatal vitamins left over, now is the time to use them (both for your immune system and the hair).


Kimmer said...

Oh NOOO!!!!

I agree with Kassi as to it's probably not as bad as you think it is. We'll just blame this on baby craziness.

Besides, you're just too dang cute not to look good in a shortie-cut.