24 August 2006

13 to Drool Over

13 Sexiest Male Celebrities...according to me
(Warning, I have a quirky taste in guys)
Today is a dreary, rainy day and what better way to brighten it
than with a little chocolate & pretty things to look at?
(I apologize, Blogger isn't uploading my pictures...maybe later.)
1. Christian Bale (from Newsies to Batman, he's always sexy to me)
2. Alan Rickman (yep, even as Snape!)
3. Alan Cumming (on stage or screen)
4. Liam Neeson (sexiest role ever...Rob Roy)
5. Joseph Fiennes (better than his brother anyday)
6. Johnny Depp (how could I not include him?
Have longed for him ever since 21 Jump Street!)
7. David Bowie (just gets better with age)
8. Brendon Fraser (goofy, but hot)
9. Kevin Kline (if for nothing but Pirates of Penzance alone!)
10. Simon leBon (my DuranDuran hottie)
11. Kenneth Branagh (any man who can make Shakespeare that hot gets my vote)
12. Pierce Brosnon (come on, he's Bond!)
13. Colin Firth (sexy, sexy in any time period)

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Courtney said...

Thanks for visiting me today. Your question has been answered :) Have a great day!

mar said...

Wow, what a list for the ladies! Just leave me 2) Alan Rickman (I love his role as Snape!) and 4) Liam Neeson and I will be the happiest TT'er! happy thursday!

Missi said...

I love most of those.

Funny, I loved Alan Rickman since
Robin Hood Prince of Theives. Did
you see Alan in Something the Lord
Made? It was on HBO. Was a GREAT movie.
Must watch if you didn't.

Great list, made me drool!!

My blog:

angela said...

Love Liam....also Sean Connery (the bond thing mad me think of it...Harry Connick Jr....

Didn't know everyone on your list, but a couple...

Loved your comment on my blog yesterday...you are a wise woman, Miss Kimba:-)

No TT for me today...this week has been eating my lunch. I'll try for next week:-)

...my 2 cents said...

I agree, Johnny Depp!

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

great list, even Alan Rickman...not to happy about what happens in the 6th book though

my list is up

Lisa said...

I used to LOVE Simon. The Reflex video...I used to be right in front of the TV and drool.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

O I loved Liam Neeson in Rob Roy! One of my favourite movies!

Thanks for visiting me TT!

Janet said...

holy canoli! Your quirky taste rivals MY quirky taste! I think we're the only two females that think Alan Cumming is hot LOL! I LOVED him as the blue creature in the second X-Men movie! And Rickman and Depp, well, goes without saying (you saw the backgrounds on my blog, right LOL). Also, I've always loved Brendon Fraser! Goofy but hot is good!