10 August 2006

Family Vacation

We've just returned from a few days spent in the greater Detroit area of Michigan, having a brief family vacation that turned out simply to be a great time! After a long & tedious drive Saturday night, we picked up the kidlet from her father's place Sunday morning. It was great to see her after 2 months away! Of course she'd grown (she's now about 2 inches taller than I am...she's 12) but slimmed down alot too. There is no little girl when you look at her anymore, but that's ok because I can see she's also maturing into a lovely young lady, and for that I'm proud.

I was surprised to realize just how close we were to the home I grew up in, so we ventured up there so I could show the place to my hubby & daughter. The couple who live there now were out front working in the yard, and were the most gracious people. Not only did they show us around the property but the interior of the house as well. It was an amazing step into my past, though its always hard to see a place change. (Let's just say the interior is alot more boring than when we lived there. The house had once been featured in "Better Homes & Gardens" during my childhood, and now they've done some dulling down of some of the decor & features.) I think they were just as appreciative of being able to hear about what the house used to be like, and learn about the family who lived there. Then it was off to Frankenmuth for shopping, "World Famous Bavarian chicken dinners", and swimming at the hotel. Good tradition.

Monday was a day of history & fun at Greenfield Village. I'd forgotten how much fun that place is. We rode actual Model T automobiles, wandered through Thomas Edison's workhouses and the Wright Brother's bicycle factory where they figured out how man could fly, amongst other great places. From there we had a cookout at the Abrahams, met up with friends...lots of old friends whom I'd not seen, in some cases, in years. It was such fun! We laughed & talked & laughed well into the early morning, and easily could have kept it up all night.

Tuesday's adventure was to take the child to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum for a full day of science and play, followed by dinner at a favourite restaurant (Boneyard...the best ribs! yum!) Then we stopped by to visit with yet another friend, Kim P., whom I had not seen in over 6 years. She is literally half the person she used to be (having lost somewhere around 170 lbs!) but just as charming & funny.

We anticipated a quiet day before driving back home on Wednesday, but friends had left a couple of things at the cookout so it was a very welcome opportunity to see them again. Our "quick stop" happily turned into lunch, ice cream, and a stop by a very cool tea shop. Kassi & Caleb & their kids are awesome people, and I'm so proud to call them friends! We talked and laughed for another few hours before sadly saying goodbyes and the long trek back home. I was amazed at how easily we caught up on time & life, and how well my new husband was able to blend into the old gang. It made me oh so happy! And my daughter spent hours entertaining (and being entertained by) their 4 year old, proving to me just what a great big sis she is going to be.

Thanks to all of my friends for a great vacation! For those we didn't get to see, next time I hope! And I pray to God it isn't years this time!

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angela said...

What a fun and relaxing time...and it is great that your hubby enjoyed it as well. I am so glad your big girl is back with you, as I remember your post of when she was leaving...now you will all be able to enjoy the fall together...