29 August 2006

1000 years of battle

Last night hubby & I watched a really excellent film "The Kingdom of Heaven". I highly recommend it. Besides the fact it stars Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, and Jeremy Irons, its a truly well made epic. Yes, I would classify it into the Epic catagory. Set in 1100, the story addresses the battles raging between the Christians and Muslims in Jeruselum, the Knights Templar, honour, courage, and strength. It addresses the differences between faith and religion. And exposes the sick, sad truth that 900 years later, we are still waging the very same war. The most profound speech in the movie happens when Orlando Bloom's character declares to the people of Jeruselum the land once belonged to the Jews, then the Christians, and if the Muslums take it, does anyone have a greater right to the land than anyone else? Is any one temple or mosque more holy of a building for worshipping God? Is it any truer today? War wages in the middle east for ego and land. I saw so much of our own political administration, as well as others, echoed in this story, and was saddened by humanity for it, for I fear Peace is something that indeed will only be achieved in the true Kingdom of Heaven. Rent the film, I dare you to not be inpacted my it.

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