17 August 2006

13 Crazy Things about Me

13 Crazy Things about Me...Kimba
1. I hate socks in the summer.
(I blame it on growing up on a lake. With or without shoes, I simply can't abide by them.)
2. I love chocolate.
(Ok, maybe that isn't crazy, but seriously, I'll forgo most things just for a piece of good chocolate. Preferably an English Yorkie bar or Austrian Mozart)
3. I hate American swill..er...beers. I love British beers.
(Granted, now that I'm preggo I can't have any.)
4. I loathe, detest, passionately hate American football & baseball.
(The great American pasttimes, my butt! Give me hockey or cricket anyday!)
5. I hate being short.
(At 5', clothes never fit right...and I'm married to a 6'3" giant.)
6. I adore Halloween.
(My favourite day of the year! How can you not like a day that give you permission to dress in costume and people give you candy?!)
7. I hate cutesy holiday decorations.
(Halloween should be spooky. Christmas should be lovely or spiritual. Not cute.)
8. I have to have icy cold milk in the morning.
(Other people must start their day with coffee, I need milk. 1% preferred.)
9. Coke good. Pepsi bad.
(Need I really say more?)
10. I am Project Runway addict.
(Ever since the first season. Come Wednesday night the world stops
for an hour while hubby & I both watch, comment, and judge.)
11. I'm a theatre snob.
(We are trying to decide which season tickets to buy this year,
and I realized just how critical I am.)
12. I love reading blogs.
(I've grown to love reading about the lives of complete strangers...and friends.)
13. Sex makes me laugh.
(Perhaps I didn't need to share this,
but I can't tell you how often my husband and I end up cracking up.)

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...my 2 cents said...

Love your list!! Totally agree with #2! Thanks for stopping by blog!!

Missi said...

Yes, Hate Hate socks too!

Love, Love chocolate!

I don't mind being short, I feel weird
being taller than anyone else.

I got married once on Halloween. LOL

I love Coke, but the Diet version

I love blogs too!

Sex funny?? Yeah, you are right!

Great list!! Happy TT

Thanks for visiting my blog

LaFlor said...

as far as #13: your baby will be one cheerful person ;)

it's funny, though..

Carmen said...

woo hoo for project runway! i'm hooked, too.

Christine said...

Love your list! I agree with everything on your list, except #9.
I heart the taste of Diet Pepsi!
I also agree, your baby will be a very happy 'lil one.

Have a great Thursday!

Susan said...

This is truly a random and fun list!!!! Praying for you and baby. Loved the ultrasound pic from yesterday too.

My TT is up.

Wicked Witch said...

I have a halloween bathroom. it is pretty groovy, if I do say so myself. congrats on the baby.

Courtney said...

Okay, all you Project Runway fans are gonna make me have to rent and want the past seasons. I SO do NOT need another show to watch, but my temptations are getting stronger the more I read about how everyone loves that show! lol Oh, and I love your #13- cracked me up!

Courtney said...

that should have said "rent and watch" not "rent and want".

angela said...

I don't do Halloween, but I am with you on the Christmas thing...we are not cutie pies about it either.

OK, heard another name today...you may hate it, but I thought it was pretty and I never thought of it.

Francesca...did I spell that right? (fran-CHES-kah)...they were calling her Frankie. And she was darling darling darling...

Isn't it great that you love milk since you are supposed to eschew coffee now anyway? I gotta have the java...

Kendra said...

LMAO at #13! Those are fun! I'm a theatre snob too. Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

Emily said...

this was so funny; i am TOTALLY anti-sock. i just prefer sandals or flip flops whenever possible!

thanks for stopping by my 13. :)